2014 Year In Review Reveals 5 Strands Of Growth and Gratitude

With Christmas fast approaching, we can’t help but reflect back on 2014 and take stock. We are starting to review our experience, assessing the successes of the 2014 home staging year, looking at where we were able to prepare homes for sale with style and fast results, and what 2015 might look like.  We’re illustrating our year in review with 4  vignette shots you haven’t seen from that beautiful recent reno in Columbia on Swanson.

1. Growth

Chicago Western Suburbs Home Staging We have seen an increase of 85%. It has been wonderful to have such substantial growth in our business this year. It has brought us many varied projects to work on, in all price ranges. We have all enjoyed the challenge and the opportunity to raise our game.

2. Good Relationships

home staging in Chicago Our relationships with our realtors, our investors, our builders and homeowners continues to deepen. We are grateful to the professionals who trust us with their properties, and to let us support their marketing efforts. Every time a well-presented, staged home is put on the market, it improves the overall impression of  the entire neighborhood.When prices stay strong, the value of the neighborhood rises together. Every body wins.

3. Team

home staging in Chicago We have a team of 3 1/2 full time professionals and then 4 freelance independent stagers that we work with on each installation.  While either Kathy or I will set the furniture for each property, it is the job of each of our professional stagers to select accessories from our extensive warehouse collection and pull the look together. We’re so proud of them, and grateful for their loyalty, too. Some members of our team have been with us for 10 years, since we first started.

4. Photographer

Chicago West home staging Home Stagers can do beautiful work, but no-one would know if we didn’t have a great photographer come in and photograph each vista beautifully. Whether it’s the camera, and/or the post processing, we are incredibly grateful to Chicago Home Photos for their continued support and magnificent story telling in picture.

5. My Sister’s Continued Improvement

Chicago West home staging And on a personal note, there is good news on my sister.  She’s home and continuing to improve. My family and I are profoundly grateful for everyone who has supported fundraisers. She has a long road ahead, but the love shown towards her and the generous support she has received go along way to keeping her spirits up.Thank you all.

So that’s just a few things we’d like to acknowledge this year. What’s yours?