Budget-Friendly Home Staging Tips to Maximize Curb Appeal

When is the last time you stood at the curb of your home and studied the property from street view? Is your house’s exterior covered in mildew? Maybe the listing has been dwarfed by overgrown bushes and trees? Or the front door has been faded and chipped by past storms? By spending some time in the front yard cleaning, pruning and sprucing up the property’s front exterior you’re allowing home buyers to have a positive experience.

Within a few seconds, your home’s curb appeal with dictate the home buyer’s first impressions of the property. An impressive front yard throughout any season gives buyer’s the impression that the property is maintained both inside and out. Here are five budget-friendly home staging tips to highlight your home’s exterior:

Pressure Wash All Surfaces 

Your home’s exterior can accumulate a lot of dust, grime, even mildew over the years. In order to make the exterior look like new, pressure wash the siding, concrete, vinyl fences, decking and any other surfaces that have lost their luster over time. You can easily rent this equipment from a hardware store, like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Beware, though, a pressure washer can be powerful enough to remove paint, so make sure to read the instructions and use the proper settings.

Clean Up Landscaping

Remove dead debris and cut back overgrown shrubs, trees, and bushes. Add colorful flowers, plants with varying heights to add depth and interest to the flowerbeds. Make sure the flowerbeds frame out the exterior of your home so they become an extension of the structure and top them off with mulch, a good tip here is to use a color that compliments the color of your roof. This creates one cohesive look.

Add Potted Plants

Invite home buyers up to the front door with colorful flowers or topiaries to add some life to this hardscape. Try to have at least two matching planters on either side of the door or if you don’t have enough space on your porch, use one larger planter in a corner and consider adding two other planters at varying heights in the same corner to create a statement.

Accessorize Your Porch 

When dressing up your home’s exterior, especially the porch add accessories like a seasonal wreath, a new doormat and a seating area around your front door to welcome buyers into your home.

Install New Hardware

It’s also important to check the hardware in your front yard. House numbers, lighting fixtures, doorknobs, and the mailbox could benefit from new hardware if the items are old, worn or tarnished. These quick fixes are not only easy to install but are cost-effective and instantly make the area around your door stand out. Just make sure all the hardware is in the same material, don’t mix and match metals here.

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