Arlington Heights: Overcoming “This room is too small”

Space, size, and scale are often very difficult for potential buyers to estimate when they are house hunting. This is one of the reasons that professional home staging, like the services we offer at Chicagoland Home Staging, is so important. This can be compounded when there are other issues lurking too. Let’s look at this home in Arlington Heights that we recently completed.

Arlington Heights home staging: Sold in 8 days

The weather is cooling off and with that so are showings and sales. Add to that a few problems that are typical in older homes, like uneven and sloped floors, a windowless family room, and awkward entrance into the dinette area, this homeowner knew that in order to maximize their investment that home staging was a must.

arlington heights home staging

This small space could leave buyers wondering how their furniture would work in such a small space.

home staging success in arlington heights

After staging they no longer have to worry about size. It is clear that the room is adequate for entertaining or a family retreat. The small window, awkwardly located in the middle of the room is no longer awkward at all. Instead it shows off the light and molding detail quite nicely.

arlington heights real estate sales

This room feels tiny and useless before Chicagoland Home Staging does its magic.

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After home staging this room makes sense. Buyers can now focus on whether they like the floor plan and light versus trying to imagine what fill fit in the space.

Buyers need to know what they are buying and there shouldn’t be any guess work. When you present the home as it should be, even awkward and difficult selling situations can be overcome.