How to Stage a Vacant Home: Why Empty Rooms Can Hurt Your Sale and What to Do About It

When it comes to selling a home, staging plays a crucial role in attracting potential buyers and securing a sale. However, staging a vacant home can present unique challenges. Empty rooms make a property feel cold and uninviting, potentially deterring buyers from putting in an offer. In fact, a vacant property can hurt the sale, so our team at Chicagoland Home Staging shares their practical tips on how to effectively stage those vacant properties.

The Impact of Empty Rooms

Empty rooms in a vacant home can create a negative first impression. Without furniture and decor, the space lacks warmth and character, making it difficult for buyers to envision themselves living there. An empty space can also highlight any flaws or imperfections, such as outdated flooring or wall blemishes. This can lead buyers to question the overall condition of the property. If they have questions, they won’t put in an offer!

Utilizing Rental Furniture is Key

One of the most effective solutions for staging a vacant home is to rent furniture. At Chicagoland Home Staging we specialize in providing rental furniture to create an inviting atmosphere and help buyers visualize how the space can be utilized. Our team selects neutral-colored pieces and modern styles that appeal to a wide range of tastes. Renting furniture also offers the advantage of flexibility, as you can easily return the items once the property is sold.

Focus on the Most Important Rooms

stage a vacant home

When staging a vacant home, it’s important to prioritize the main living areas that buyers pay the most attention to. Start with the living room, dining room, kitchen, baths and master bedroom. These spaces should be tastefully furnished to showcase their potential and highlight their functionality. By focusing on these key areas, you can make the most impactful impression while effectively managing your staging budget.

Enhance the Space with Neutral Colors and Styles

stage a vacant home

Neutral colors and styles are essential when staging a vacant property. Opt for a palette of soft, neutral hues that create a warm, calming and versatile backdrop. This allows buyers to envision their own furniture and personal belongings in the space. We incorporate modern furniture with clean lines and minimalistic accents to create a timeless appeal.

Add Personality in Moderation

stage a vacant home

While neutral decor is important, it’s crucial to add a touch of personality to the staged home. This can be achieved through artwork, tasteful accessories, or accent pillows. However, be mindful not to overwhelm the space with excessive decorations, as clutter can detract from the home’s features. Strike a balance between creating an inviting atmosphere and allowing buyers to visualize their own style within the property, while connecting emotionally to leave that lasting impression in their minds.

Include Lighting for Ambiance

stage a vacant home

Proper lighting is crucial in creating an inviting atmosphere. In a vacant home, lighting becomes even more critical. Use a combination of overhead lighting, as well as, strategically placed lamps to illuminate the space and create a warm ambiance. Natural light should also be maximized by opening curtains or blinds during showings. Thoughtfully chosen lighting fixtures, light a chandelier, can also act as an attractive focal point, enhancing the overall appeal of the property.

Staging a vacant home is an essential step in the selling process. By recognizing the impact of empty rooms and implementing the right strategies, you can create an inviting atmosphere that captivates potential buyers. We can help! Contact us today, so we can help transform your vacant house into a desirable home that buyers will find irresistible.