Why we love Naperville and Chicagoland Real Estate Investors!

Naperville and Chicagoland real estate investors are great partners for Chicagoland Home Staging. Because the fix and flip investor understands that it isn’t the money you spend but the money you keep on each real estate transaction, they understand the importance of creating a marketable product that potential buyers will love.

Creating a marketable product with real estate investors

When a home looks and feels more luxurious, buyers are more likely to pay more and be less ready to walk away. This is why Naperville and Chicagoland real estate investors purchase and install high end lighting, tile, flooring, and fixtures. Really savvy investors know that this isn’t the end product though. Just like big builders, they are employing the skills of professional home stagers with high end inventory that matches their products.

home staging investors

Buyers are looking for more than great bones or potential, they are looking for their dream home. They don’t want to buy a house or a property, but rather a home. Staging gives that extra push to showcase a lifestyle that buyers want to live.

home staging investors

Starting at the beginning of a staging project to shorten the timeline

One of the ways that we can help our Naperville and Chicagoland real estate investors is by shortening their selling timeline, so that they can get their money back out of a house more quickly and reduce the carrying costs before a sale. Just like every other part of the flipping process, time is money. When an investor works with us from the beginning, we’ll have a clear plan and the ability to stage as soon as the home is complete, enabling the home to look its best from day one on the market.

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As soon as the home is complete, the transformation begins and the professional photographer is sent out. A beautiful home that looks like it belongs in a local magazine will make buyers fall in love online and need to see more quickly, for fear of losing out on a great home.

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If you are ready to increase the value of each investment property you are selling, call Chicagoland Home Staging. We’ll help you increase your net proceeds and be out of a property sooner, so you can move on to the next one.