Benefits Of Staging A Home & How Much Will You Gain?

Every home is unique and brings with it an individual price point, style, and potential buyer demographic. Our homes use the staging benefits of design science to sell faster and for more money. We use techniques to purposefully lead people through a home walkthrough that brings out the craving to buy.

That’s why our 30 years combined in home staging design in the western Chicagoland makes a difference for our REALTOR partners and home sellers.

Overcome unpredictable housing markets and buyer preferences with a proven pattern to move buyers from “looking” to “sold” with our benefits of home staging.

How Much Will You Gain From Home Staging?

Access our insight into how we’ll create a mood of respite and relaxation within your property that brings out the imagination of the homebuyer this fall 2020. Capturing the heart and mind of the buyer is what causes them to take action and desire your listing. Staged homes do sell faster and for more money. View the “Benefits Of Home Staging And How Much Will You Gain” guide to learn more.

Maximize The Full Power Of Your Listing With The Benefits Of Home Staging.

Whether it is a back corner or a transitional hallway, we are always reconsidering the spaces that commonly get overlooked. Commonly viewed as bare and stark, areas like this are full of potential for lounging and relaxation.

Every element in the room is placed with a purpose. From matching table lighting on either side of the fireplace, to candles and home decorative signage, we’re setting a mood for warmth and refreshment.

– Kathy Lobkovich, Managing Partner Chicagoland Home Staging

Benefits Of Home Staging That Sells For More

DuPage Chicagoland Home Staging Team

Our home staging and interior design gives the seller an opportunity to stand out during this time in the market. View the “Benefits Of Home Staging And How Much Will You Gain” guide to learn more.

We are the perfect partner for the REALTOR looking to elevate their listings and gather future referrals. Our stunning home staging makes all the difference in home sale turnarounds, your business branding, and listing price!

– Margaret Gehr, Founder/Owner Chicagoland Home Staging

Chicagoland Home Staging is here to make all that happen and more with our REALTOR partnerships and elevated listing power with stunning photography.

Do you have a space you’d like staged for your home’s sale? We are staying ahead of the buyer trends and bringing you the latest design science for your beautiful staged home here in DuPage County, Illinois. Interested in learning how Chicagoland Home Staging helps you sell your home faster and for more money? Contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!