7 Statement Ceilings That Define a Room’s Decor

While a ceiling might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to buying a home, many builders are paying close attention to this so-called fifth wall as a key element in their architectural style.

When it comes to updating or even constructing a home the smallest details on a ceiling will not only add luxury but will create a one-of-a-kind look. From classic vaulted ceilings to decorative geometric molding, there’s a style to suit every home.

Here, are some of our favorite spaces featuring statement ceilings:

This master suite that our team staged showcased an all-white vaulted ceiling providing a grand, yet traditional feel in this room. We chose a tall headboard to make the bed a focal point, while still luring a buyer’s eye to look up. The decorative window near the ceiling is a simple, yet elegant added touch to this neutral retreat with understated detail.

While the master suite pictured above is tranquil, the one pictured below adds drama mostly because of the ceiling. This builder chose to highlight this room’s height with a coffered inspired ceiling that has a modern twist. The light and dark beams provide contrast, and a bold mid-sized pattern adds major personality. The custom velvet headboard and oversized chandelier spotlight’s the bed. Our team chose neutral furnishings to bring attention to the room’s square footage without stealing the show.

Here is another example of a coffered ceiling but in all-white. This combines the designs of both images above to create a cozy, luxe look in this living space.

What about using exposed brick on the ceiling? An exposed brick ceiling lends a comforting sense of warmth and texture instantly in any room whether you leave them natural or cover them in a coat of fresh white paint. This idea works well in a formal dining space.

Our team staged the room with transitional furnishings. Notice how the subtle arch in the dining table’s base and dining chairs compliments the arched ceiling.

Another popular trend is to install distressed wood paneling on a ceiling. The wood create a rustic, cozy feel that works well in family or great room. The key is to have a lot of windows in the room to provide natural light, which makes the room appear brighter.

Our team decided to use a large white sectional and neutral colored rug to keep the space feeling light and spacious. Using a large basket next the sectional brought the wood hue to the floor.

The living room pictured below uses three natural colored beams to create a distinct look. The beams inspired our team to embrace natural wood furnishings as displayed in the console table, coffee table and matching side table.

Creating geometric shapes with molding on a ceiling is an easy way to add depth and interest to a room without being so in your face. This type of modern design enhances higher ceilinged rooms while closing off rooms without the ceiling height.

In this dining space, geometry can also be found in the curtain’s patterns. Our team brought in sleek, simple, light-colored furnishings to stand out in this space. Again, the chandelier grabs the eye’s attention before luring the sightline up to the ceiling’s molding.

Why stick with a conventional flat ceiling when you can create a sense of spaciousness, depth, and add personality in a room by defining your ceiling style.

We’d love to hear from you, let us know which style grabs your attention, and if you need help furnishing a home that matches your ceiling style, contact us today.