Home Staging Tricks: How to Make a Home Light + Bright

One of the most important accessories to use when staging a home is the lighting utilized in a space. The lighter and brighter the property appears the more eager the buyer will be to make an offer. Here at Chicagoland Home Staging, we not only recommend lighting fixture updates, but we also provide lighting sources with our furnishing inventory. Our team recommends these lighting tricks to properly prepare a home for sale:

Home Staging Trick #1: A Neutral Hue

Consider painting the walls to change the mood of the room. We opt for neutrals colors that are elegant and allow you the flexibility to change up the décor for each season. By using a neutral hue on the walls the light around the room reflects off the paint rather than absorbing into those saturated dark colors. This is especially true when you choose to paint with semi-gloss to a high-gloss sheen.

Home Staging Trick #2: Restful White

If painting the walls don’t fit the budget, try using white-colored accessories in your displays to help direct the homebuyer’s eyes. White provides a sense of pure, clean, bright spots around the room. This color gives the eye a chance to rest and really take in all the property has to offer.

Home Staging Trick #3: Get Reflective

Consider adding reflective surfaces in darker rooms. Our team uses this trick by placing a mirror across from a light source, so the light will be more evenly dispersed around the room. Mirrored furniture and picture frames can also help direct light, as well as other items like crystal chandeliers, shiny metal accessories and even certain tile backsplashes.

Home Staging Trick # 4: Transparency is Key

Like reflective surfaces, transparent ones can also affect the light source. Transparent objects allow light to pass through them making those items appear to be light and airy. Try switching out a dark wood coffee table or side tables with a glass or acrylic one to see how much more light and space it actually creates in the room.

Home Staging Trick #5: A Bright Idea

Simply changing out the light bulbs can not only set the mood but brighten up a room. It’s important to use maximum wattage bulbs, preferably clear ones. Take into consideration how shades, glass covers & pendants can shield the light before purchasing new light fixtures for the property. Cleaning the light fixtures and bulbs can also make a huge difference!

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