Designer Lighting Impacts Renovation With Great Reward!

Dinette CollageFor years, we have been assuring home owners that a key upgrade when competing with new construction is designer lighting.  Once you have recessed “pots” (they’re called by the pros) you have a hidden advantage: the overall ability to see what’s in each room is greatly enhanced. Plus,it is one of the many big differentiators of today’s newly built homes. When you then add in an on-trend fixture, you put your renovated home into a new category.

This Naperville home staging gig was pleasurable on many fronts, not the least of which was the terrific lighting put into all of the major rooms. In the dining room before and after staging photos above, you will see that the room is not that large.  The floors – 4 3/4″ HANDSCRAPED hardwood – are spectacular. 9′ ceilings are impressive. The room is made by the hooped chandelier.  We echoed the drama with round topiary on the table and played off the circle with square cut-out backed dining room chairs. The look is both transitional and trendy at the same time. Look at the play of shadows on the ceiling from the light fixture. They start at around $400 which is not a huge investment for so dramatic effect.

Designer Lighting options for Globe silver chandelier



Here are two other areas that have benefited from dramatic designer lighting:-

Mixed Collage

Look at the texture you get off these lights! then when the staging adds more layers of color, textured solid surfaces and soft fabrics, the interiors become exciting and alive. While the contemporary pendant fixture in the Master Bedroom might be a bit too modern for some, the furnishings look like a high-end boutique hotel –doesn’t everyone want to go to one of those on a daily basis?!

For more on this beautiful reno, please check out – 835 Wilson, Naperville.

More designer lighting ideas for your living room:- flush mount, gold (even though it’s likely base metal) and crystal are the keywords you’ll need to search up your own finds…

flush Mount Lighting