Fast Sell Feature

This stunning home was taken to a new level of beauty with the addition of masterfully-crafted seating arrangements. This staging sold fast with offers of $100,000 over the listing price! When looking at the open floor plan, Chicagoland Home Staging designers brought to life the complete experience this home had to offer.

Fast Sell: Before

Fast Sell: After

Guided Textures

The structure of this space features inviting windows and crown molding work for its open entryway. The goal for the dining room was to create a enticing walkthrough to the adjacent living room.

Soft white upholstered dining chairs and soft neutral carpets enhance the feeling of cleanliness and space. As a contrast, dark-legged chairs and a matching dark wood table grounded the dining room seating arrangement.

Lush textured carpet laid in the dining room gives the experience of luxury and frames the seating area. By including multiple neutral textures, our designers were able to give the space a fresh and relaxing aesthetic. 

Complimenting Furniture

We added neutral furniture in the adjacent living room to continue eye movement and showcase unique features like its built-in shelving. Rugs were added to give a larger feel to the room while drawing additional attention to the clean wood flooring throughout the space. 

Our designers incorporated centerpieces to the dining table and coffee table as a focal point. These are meant to draw the viewers eye to the center of the space and give the feeling of how the area can be maximized for living.

These touches help buyers envision entertaining guests, a quiet Saturday morning, or family dinner by crafting the perfect presentation within your home. Statements made through furniture impress a buyer and give your home an increased appeal, setting your home apart from other listings.

More Views Of This Fast Sell Feature

Is your home in need of modern staging to help communicate to buyers all your home has to offer? We not only stay ahead of trends but focus on highlighting the beauty of your home to attract buyers and help you sell your home faster for more money. Contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!