Make Your Front Stoop A Show-Stopper!

Whether a potential buyer is driving by or touring your home, their experience with your property begins at the exterior’s first impression. Presentation is key, and it starts by ensuring your guests are impressed before they open the door. Prime your potential buyers with a “Show Stopper” front stoop that sets your home apart. 

Front Stoop: Create A Clean Impression

When it comes to assessing your home’s outdoor appearance, get a full picture by stepping back to a street view of your property.

Do you see any dead branches, distracting lawn accessories, or overgrown trees? Make a clean first impression for those visiting your home with updated landscaping and maintenance. Have shrubs pruned and trees trimmed. If time allows, we also recommend making needed driveway or mailbox repairs so as not to dissuade buyers from adding it to their checklist of to-dos.

Front Stoop: Elevated Landscape Design

Why invest the time in “staging” your landscaping? Studies have shown that updating landscaping can increase a home’s value by 10%. This is one way to not only add green to your front stoop, but also your wallet!

To do this, bring your front stoop to life with both seasonal flower boxes and plantings in the ground. Remove yellowing shrubs and weeds to maintain the impression of a clean home. If space allows, consider a landscape design around the front of the house to add additional color and framing to the entryway. 

When staging a landscape to sell, fan-favorites include Annabelle hydrangeas, Colossal Blue hosta, Pink Hawaiian Coral peony, Giganteum allium, and mounding boxwood. These robust plants fill in nicely to impress.

Front Stoop: A Space for Seating

Highlighting comfort can come from introducing a seating feature, if space allows. Consider including a bench or two chairs with added textures such as pillows or an outdoor blanket. 

Seating areas on the porch also communicate neighborhood community and stress-free living. Giving a sense of “home” before the buyer enters the door helps a potential buyer envision enjoying life at their new property.

Front Stoop: Fresh Welcome Mat

Give buyers and REALTORS an attractive welcome with a new, clean welcome mat. For a current look, consider layering your welcome mat with a slightly larger outdoor textured rug underneath. 

A fresh welcome mat gives the impression of cleanliness for the rest of the property. By framing your welcome mat with outdoor lanterns, greenery, or additional planted flower pots, you are creating beautiful moments on your front stoop that keep the buyers eye focused away from minor flaws.

Front Stoop: Update Entryway Accents

The front door will often be the first piece of the home a potential buyer will touch with their hands. Ensure the front door handle is modern and polished. 

If needed, consider re-painting or replacing the front door. Additionally, assess the lighting around your front porch. If the potential buyer is viewing the home in the evening, having poor lighting will distract the buyer from seeing the beautiful details. Either incorporate new light fixtures or ensure your current fixtures are working properly and the glass is free of any dirt or film. Consider upgrading to a Cree BR30 Dimmable LED Flood Bulb to provide maximum visibility and crisp lighting to compliment the outdoor space.

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