Trends For 2021: New Home Construction Design Staging

As home staging professionals, much of what we do depends on what’s happening in the Chicagoland real estate market. Right now we are seeing a lot of new home construction, which makes for exciting designs that push the boundaries of what we’ve done before. An estimated 811,000 new homes were sold in 2020 and new homes are expected to continue trending for most of 2021. 

Our job is to understand what will make prospective buyers crave and desire a new home, and then create designs that tell that story. Each home comes with its own unique features and as new home architecture and construction trends change, so does the story we tell.

Check out these new home construction design trends as we look at the start of 2021.

New Home Construction Design: Indoor & Outdoor Economy of Space

Chicagoland Home Staging New Home Construction St Charles

Builders are getting more creative with multi-use spaces to preserve an open flow between rooms. This allows us to set the mood for these distinct areas. We create areas set for privacy and also space for open entertaining.

Buyers are also showing more interest in outdoor gathering spaces such as terraces, patios and fire pits. This translates to our indoor designs when we consider the view from each window—and in the interest of spatial efficiency, windows are getting larger. People are starting to consider the whole home, inside and out as a single environment, and making the best use of resources to make it feel larger, more efficient and more convenient is our new goal.

New Home Construction Design: Natural Materials & Energy Efficiency 

In the same vein, architects and builders are increasingly turning to unconventional materials and systems to reach new levels of function and quality with less bulk. Both natural materials like reclaimed wood and innovative materials such as cultured stone are being used more frequently in new homes. Sophisticated home designs make a statement by combining just a couple of materials, creating clean lines along with natural insulation and cooling.

Just a few years ago, smart home technology was a luxury that few homebuyers could afford. But along with the ability to manage home security and alternative energy systems like solar power, new homeowners can now control everything from lighting to sound systems with voice commands. (It makes for a really fun walkthrough!)

New Home Construction Design: Industrial & Minimalist Style

The industrial and minimalist styles of today’s new homes are just as much about practicality as their materials and economical floor plans. Prospective buyers want a sanctuary that’s as unique as they are while remaining understated and serene.

Some of the features you’ll notice in industrial and minimalist designs are asymmetrical forms and contrasting textures such as iron, aluminum, wood, glass and recycled plastic. These modern materials keep costs low while providing high aesthetic value, thermal and acoustic ventilation as well as low environmental impact. Our goal is to introduce these elements into our home staging designs, since this is what home buyers are looking for.

The sum of these trends is an overall more mindful approach to the investment of a new home. Buyers are carefully considering everything they want to be able to do with their space, and the industry is responding to growing concerns about environmental impact. The homes on the market now are the homes of the future!

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