Trending Now: Green Interior Design Colors

As you are looking to attract buyers to your space, have you considered the latest trends of green interior design color? According to 1stdibs’s annual interior designer trends survey, which polled more than 700 interior designers around the globe, people are craving greens right now!

And it is no surprise that many homeowners are seeing the benefits of the great outdoors and fresh air for healthy breathing. The color green represents all that and more!

Fresh air, living plants, vast open space, health and well being… these can be expressed through the color green.

Let’s take a look at some of the shades of green that are trending now for interior design and how we’ve utilized them for our homes to attract the eye of buyers.

Consider Vivid Chartreuse and Soft Sage Green Colors Of The Year

Chicagoland Home Staging Vivid Chartreuse Green Interior Design Color 2020

These two shades of green, a vivid chartreuse and a soft sage green, were named 2020 colors of the year by Etsy and Behr. Consider the soft sage green for door frames or the inside of a bookshelf. The vivid chartreuse could be used in accent pillows and accessories in a room.

Also trending is velvety forest green, which has popped up in arm chairs and couches. Living rooms and family rooms are welcoming the color with open arms, and we’re counting all the ways to use it to freshen up a spaces.

Accent With Green Color To Create Harmony

Chicagoland Home Staging Sage Green Interior Design Furniture Color 2020

Here we’re utilizing a soft sage green as a kitchen centerpiece. Soft sage green can easily be added to any space because it won’t compete with the particular room’s style.

When considering your staged location, such as a kitchen, it is important to remember the buyer wants clean, simple, and hospitable. Plants in the kitchen are an easy way to introduce color and to showoff the space’s use.

Enliven A Space With Green Accent Furniture

Chicagoland Home Staging Green Interior Design Furniture Color 2020

Consider what furniture staples could be easily updated to green! The introduction of moody sage green in the two accent chairs pair well with many other colors and styles in the room. From gold, black, white, and brown, the color livens up the space and gives character to the home.

Mix Patterns And Connect With Green Accents

Chicagoland Home Staging Green Trend Interior Design Accessory

Buyers are looking for that “feeling” from a home. We always look for an opportunity to set the mood with color science – the delicate balance between neutrals and on-trend color.

Featured here is an accent wall combining print, soft lime green, and fresh turquoise. We were able to select furniture to complement the space. Our print chair and gold side tables are balanced by a rich emerald green pillow and green leafed orchid.

There are many patterns and materials used we can use, but we’re looking for a result that works in harmony to invite a buyer to pause and enjoy the area as usable space.

Accessorize Creatively With Various Shades Of Green

Chicagoland Home Staging Green Interior Design Color

Consider using more than one shade of green for your accents. Here we see the featured green plant for height, medium bright green bottles, and lower green artichokes pairings.

Each has its own shade of green, but blend well together because we’ve remained in the same color family. What is especially inviting about this vignette is that it creates a hospitable invite for the buyer. The glasses are prepared with ice cubes and Perrier is ready to be sipped!

These are just some of the little details that go into the consideration of any space we stage for design. When acknowledging the season’s current trending colors, the science behind why buyers crave a home, and our vast interior design furnishing resources, we’re able to provide homes that sell faster and for more money.

Beautifully Staged Homes By Chicagoland Home Staging

Chicagoland Home Staging Green Interior Design Color

Do you have a space you’d like staged for your home’s sale? We are staying ahead of the buyer trends and bringing you the latest design science for your beautiful staged home here in DuPage County, Illinois. Interested in learning how Chicagoland Home Staging helps you sell your home faster and for more money? Contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!