Open-Concept Design Rethought As Homeowners Work-From-Home

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A recent Wall Street Journal article touched on how designers are rethinking the open-concept design configuration of their own houses for a post-pandemic world.

This got us here at Chicagoland Home Staging thinking about how the buyer’s needs are transforming for their home search. The once coveted open-concept design, has been shifting all thanks to the growing needs for families at home.  With each family member all taking calls or Zoom meetings at the same time, the need for separate spaces has never been more urgent.

The design team at Chicagoland Home Staging see this as yet another opportunity to configure your homes to help the buyer see separate spaces for work, play, living, and solitude! Here are some examples of what this looks like through purposeful home staging.

Well Lit Home Staging

Chicagoland Home Staging Naperville Lighting Design

One of the big trends coming out of the post-pandemic design aesthetic is the desire for lots of light. Big windows make the buyer feel like the home is clean and fresh. Many homeowners feel that letting more light into their home helps to ward off germs and viruses.

Here, we’ve created a large sitting area with views of the windows and fireplace. White furniture helps continue the feeling of fresh and clean as well!

Guest Rooms Turned Office

Chicagoland Home Staging Naperville Lighting Design Office

With a greater emphasis being placed on having a secluded and well-lit Zoom call location, buyers are looking especially for an office space. It was once the priority to have that guest room in a listing, but now if we position it as an office first, that area becomes more desirable. It can always be transitioned into a guest room in the future, but that might not be what people are looking for at this time.

We are able to take any small bedroom and give it an appearance of more space through our carefully chosen desk design and accessories. Even coming down to color and fabric options, we have a science to making small rooms feel larger!

Open-Concept Design Made Multi-Space

Chicagoland Home Staging Naperville Lighting Design Livingroom

Many homes on the market right now have been built specifically with open-space designs. Buyers will be more interested in the open-concept home if the spaces are designed with assorted seating areas for work, relaxing, and individual activities.

When looking at a traditional front living room, we organize a more “closed” seating area near the natural-lite window with a separate couples-seating to the side. Both areas are defined with area rugs, coffee tables, and structured storage with lighting to make them feel complete and welcoming.

Beautifully Staged Homes By Chicagoland Home Staging

We are staying ahead of the buyer trends and bringing you the latest design science for your beautiful staged home here in DuPage County, Illinois. Interested in learning how Chicagoland Home Staging helps you sell your home faster and for more money? Contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!

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