Fall In Love with Your Home, Again!

Now more than ever, we need to love the space we call home– as we continue to utilize our house as an escape from the dangers of the lingering COVID-19 pandemic.

A fresh perspective can be just what the doctor ordered to fall in love with your home again after being stuck inside spending the majority of your time in the same surroundings for over a year. Transform the way your home feels with these simple tips.

Use a Natural Hue

Nature provides many sources of inspiration to experiment with color. From paint to artwork to choosing building materials like tile, spruce up your space with light earth tones, shades of greens, and tones of blue.

Soft to the Touch

Who doesn’t love cozy spaces to spend quality time in. Treat yourself to retreat inspired luxuries that promote the feeling of comfort. Introduce high quality bedding, plush throws and soft fabrics like velvet to fall in love with your home again.

Flower Power

A bouquet of flowers can make all the difference in a room. Flowers showcase nature’s beauty, so of course, they’re an easy addition to enhance happiness in a home. Flowers and plants alike can make a room feel more welcoming and brighter. Not to mention most flowers give off a pleasurable aromatic scent. So, grab a bouquet today to sit center stage on a coffee table or dining room table.

A Pleasent Scent

Speaking of scents, what type of fragrances are infused in your home to make it smell good? Take some time to rid your property of foul odors leftover by cooking, the garbage, and even the pets. Whether it’s an air freshener, candle or plug-in find a scent you’ll love to come home to.

Take On a Familiar Surrounding

Whether you miss family members or certain activities like traveling, why not decorate a space by surrounding yourself with things you love. Certain accessories, family heirlooms, hobbies, and collectibles can raise your spirits and keep you motivated as we await better days to come.

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