Secrets of Luxury Home Staging

Luxury home staging has become the new normal in the marketing of a high-end home. Buyers have come to expect a certain level of presentation when they’re buying at a luxury price point. These go beyond the basics of decluttering and depersonalizing. Experienced luxury stagers set a level of sophisticated design and lifestyle experience that make a big impression on the buyer. Let’s take a look at the what luxury staging is and how you can use it to elevate your listings above the competition.

Luxury Staging Is All About Finding Balance In Design

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When designing a home for luxury staging, it’s important to find the right balance between comfort and sophistication.

Consider your room’s space and the size of your chairs, rugs, and tables. Too small of a couch and chairs in the center of a grand room will give the feeling that something is off.

Furnishings must be correctly measured and sized to fit the room in advance. It takes a plan and a proper selection of furnishings to accurately match the dimensions of an area. That way, no space is left incomplete and void of purpose.

Setting the presence of the house makes all the difference. Put emphasis on the right sized elements so the buyers feels at home,” says Kathy, Co-Owner of Chicagoland Home Staging. “It’s not just about using rugs in a room. It’s about using the right type and size rugs that properly scale the furniture.”

Luxury Staging Doesn’t Feature Furniture From Big Box Stores

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Today, luxury design is often ahead of the curve of what is being sold at mass market stores. One of the requests we often hear is that luxury sellers want higher quality furniture that cannot be found in big box stores.

Often we find that the artistic opinion of a luxury buyer leans towards those “one-of-a-kind” furnishings that are custom and exclusive. Luxury staging is more than just adding mirrors to the wall, adorning a dining table, or adding six pillows to a couch.

Simple and sophisticated design tells the story of a luxury lifestyle. That is done through nicer pieces that can stand on their own versus overly decorating with excessive furniture or accessories. A luxury stage doesn’t “need more things” just to fill a space to make a home look better than it is.

“Luxury design is often a little more sophisticated than what you may see in a big box store,” says Margaret Gehr, Founder of Chicagoland Home Staging. “It’s not just about the latest color for the season, it’s the other custom elements being added to the room. As a luxury stager, you must always be on the lookout for what is next in design.”

Luxury Staging Features Impressive Artwork

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Another big difference between standard staging and luxury staging is the mass production of artwork. Homeowners want custom artwork.

When making the selections of your space, consider a palette and run with harmonious colors of the same family. For example, you could feature a white, light blue, medium blue, and dark blue abstract canvas painting in the center wall of the living room.

Today’s buyers are also attracted to a certain level of light reflection, so having gold features or glossy paint can enhance the high-end look of a piece.

“In luxury listings, you’ll see a lot of original and oversized artwork,” says Kathy. “Large artwork make the buyer feel upscale and as if they were in an impressive and custom home.”

 Luxury Staging Tells A Story

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When you’re looking to enhance the design of your home for the luxury market, keep in mind that artwork, furnishings, and color trends will come and go. In the end, every home stage must make it their goal to meet the expectations of how the luxury market thinks about their living space.

If you set the goal of a sophisticated lifestyle design, create an experience for the buyer, and understand the high expectations of the luxury market, you’ll have the right guide to create a beautiful stage that elevates the home.

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