3 Ways To Make A Condo Or Penthouse Look Larger

Chicagoland Home Staging continues to not only transform a space but also utilize techniques that leave a room looking large, impressive, and immaculate. As a result, a room will be more attractive to buyers and impressive to sellers. Beautiful homes are taken to the next level as we incorporate three ways to make a condo or penthouse look larger.

Introduce Large Rugs In Your Condo

In this room, we have brought in a large area rug to increase the spaciousness of the floor. Rugs are known to make a room feel cohesive and comfortable, but we have found they also give additional depth to a room making it inviting and open. We chose a neutral color and pattern with clean movements to draw the eye from left to right instead of just in the center. It became easy for buyers to feel grounded in the room while also seeing how large the layout is.

Compliment Condo Ceiling Height With Art

Chicagoland Home Staging Condo Interior Design Naperville

This space had installed lighting that was the perfect match for a complimentary piece of art. As a result, we revealed height within the room and helped draw the eye upward to see intricate ceiling details. The room immediately felt larger and more open. By matching the art height to the height of the door frame and window frame, we create a level playing field for the eye to move around the room and see the large scale of the space.

Utilize Mirrors In Your Condo

Chicagoland Home Staging Condo Interior Design Naperville

We found a mirror can give additional perspective that not only will bring a room to life but also make a space feel more open. When placing a mirror in the home, we strategically positioned the mirror onto a focal point to give an additional illusion of depth. Some focal points to consider are windows or an entryway looking into another room. By adding in a mirror shape opposite of the windows, the buyer will jump from left to right and see the length of the room.

If you are looking to have a team implement these three strategies to make your condo or penthouse look larger, Contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!