How To Stage A Bedroom With An Attached Sitting Area: A Before & After

We’ve got another astonishing before and after transformation to share with you! We get lots of questions about how to stage a bedroom with an attached sitting area, so we’re featuring a beautiful before and after to show off our process.

Here’s how we transformed this bedroom into a beautiful respite:

Before: Home Staging Transformation

The interior design goal for this room was to bring a contemporary refresh to the space. The first thing when staging a bedroom is to evaluate the space’s colors. We recommend light and bright white for this room to allow the light to bounce and give the appearance of more space.

Next, the focus should be on the furniture arrangement and space usage. This bedroom actually has two separate spaces, so the question is, “What is the purpose of the individual areas?” In this arrangement, the large bed has been placed in the smaller back area and the front space features a mid-sized rug, small settee, and dresser. Our solution? Switch the spaces for a better flow and space usage.

Furniture Refresh

In this after-transformation, the sleeping area has been moved to the larger side of the room. We have now defined the purpose for the two sides of the room! In the back space, a relaxed sitting area has been designed with an artwork to bring the eye upward, a fluffy rug to defined the space, and a plant in the corner for greener views.

The new sleeping area features matching side dressers, sleek lamps, and white accents. An over-sized plush rug is placed on the lower half of the bed and comes out into the room to pull a homeowner towards the luxurious sleeping space.

When it comes to headboards, we recommend upholstery to add some softness. It’s a hard rule in home staging to use at least 5 pillows, so we chose a couple of contrasting textures and layered them on top of a voluptuous comforter and sheet set. Now that is a bed that is begging for the homeowner jump right into for a relaxing sleep!

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