Home Staging for Investors. Providing a return on investment.

Real Estate Investors know that home staging provides a return on investment. That’s why we are regularly used on projects. While inventory is becoming scarce and the market may not be able to sell without the help of home staging, our investors know that their homes have higher sales prices and still sell more quickly because of our staging services.

Providing a return for real estate investors.

There are fewer homes available on the market for potential buyers. Still, there are homes sitting in MLS for weeks and months on end because buyers simply don’t connect with them. When they do, offers are still not necessarily high. It seems that buyers are quite willing to admit that we are now in a seller’s market and their prices tend to reflect this, UNLESS they find a home they love, or find themselves in multiple offer situations.

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Flippers know that professional home staging is the best way to get buyers interested and set up the transaction for multiple offers. Just as builders have been doing for decades, investors now use home stagers to create an image of lifestyle that inspires potential buyers.

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Once the home is completed, we come in to finish the transformation process. Taking cues from the colors and finishes present in the home along with who the most likely potential buyer will be, we create a luxurious home that is often scooped up by one of the first buyers to walk through it after completion.

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Staging helps buyers to envision exactly how the home will function, where their furniture will fit, and create a luxurious emotional draw to the home.

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If you are an investor or residential seller in the Chicagoland or Naperville area, contact us at (815) 530-3566.


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