Occupied home staging by Chicagoland turns everyday into GOTTA HAVE!

When we talk to people about our home staging business here in Chicagoland, everyone always thinks that it’s just about vacant homes. Occupied homes need love (and help) too. By bringing in one of our professionals, we are able to turn an average home into one that is a showstopper, often for less than you may think.

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This dining room has seen a lot of holidays and family occasions. The furnishings are average, many years old and well used. Still, it doesn’t mean that it can’t shine with the right approach.

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Fresh paint in a modern but subdued gray gives this home a fresh feel, and helps showcase the trim work present throughout the home. Removing large furniture pieces and limiting the room to clean lines and simple pops of color helps to reveal just how large the room really is. The same dining table and six dining chairs are used, but we also added two new “head chairs” in a modern style and print to help bring the contemporary edge into this space.

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The kitchen and breakfast room are no place for pets when your home is on the market. Animals and food prep or meal time should never mix. These spaces need to be white glove clean and completely clutter free. Organization is a key component of a well staged kitchen.

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Clean lines and a continuous pop of color carried through from the other spaces lends itself to a sophisticated design. Black helps to ground the room and extend the way your eyes take it in.

When you look at the room you can see that the main pieces of furniture are, in fact, the same. It is the accessories that have changed, and of course there are fewer large pieces, just like in the dining room.

Space sells homes.

Whether we are referring to wall space or flooring, space sells homes. In other words, less is more.

Furniture, art, and accessories should define the room and help a buyer’s eyes move around the room, taking in the features and benefits of the property. Clean lines help the eye move continuously, making the space feel larger.

The key to working in an occupied home, or any home, is to understand how the home will be used and make the most of the space. Let buyers quickly envision what life will be like and they’ll want to live it.