Selling Your Home During The Holidays

selling your home during the holidaysThere are definite advantages to selling your home during the Holidays!

1. There is not as much competition. Those that are out there are serious buyers, so while you may have fewer showings, those you do have are more likely to produce a good result.

2. When your house is on the market, you have to keep it picked up and clean. This might be something that you might normally let slide a little during the festive season, or scramble as relatives come up the driveway.  Now your house will be always ready for company.  When you’re on the market, you have to live that way.

3. We recommend that you simplify your decorations, and put out a lot less. This means that decorating will take less time this year and you can get a head start on packing to move when you safely stow the collections, crèche and train set.

Selling during the HolidaysHere are some quick ideas on how to approach the season so that your family can still enjoy seasonal traditions.

The Exterior

  • Use simple white string lights, or a spot light on the front door.  this will make your home twinkle invitingly should any buyers drive by in the early evening.
  • No inflatables and significant Christmas yard decor; keep it simple. You want your yard to look as large and easy to maintain as possible.
  • Add simple seasonal plants in urns or wreath on door.
  • Keep the driveway and walkways clean and clear.

The Interior

  • Start with a clutter free staged home
  • Yes, you can have a tree.  Most buyers expect one, but be mindful not to use an over-sized or extra wide tree that will eat up valuable square footage. If you need to temporarily remove a piece of furniture so the room feels spacious, do it.
  • Selling during the HolidaysKeep the holiday decor neutral by using more seasonal elements like candles, pine cones, garland, ornaments, etc
  • Don’t go over board. Stick with the rule of three, and add only 3 elements per space. If you’re adding a tree, accent two more focal points like a mantle and a centerpiece to the dining table.
  • Save the religious or big collections for next year…in your new home!

Selling your home during the holidays may feel daunting, but as you can see, a few simple touches and you are set to go. One thing is for certain you will not sell if you’re not on the market!