Staging A Vacant in Naperville

One of our most fun projects lately was staging a vacant in Naperville, IL. The lot had been empty for years. Though new builds in Naperville sell well, no-one had imagined how to fit a spacious home on it. Until now. Now we have a beautiful, spacious home, with windows cleverly placed so that each room is flooded with light.

Staging A Vacant in NapervilleSo much more light than anticipated, in fact, that the elegant gray color palette picked out for the walls mostly looks blue. This was a challenge – in a good way – for us, as we always go for a neutral palette, that is warm and inviting. How to warm up BLUE? (Though colleagues of mine do pale blue as a neutral all the time in urban settings and it looks great.)

If we staged with our “go-to” earth tones neutral, the rooms would look flat.  A request from the realtor gave us inspiration. His thought was that his target buy was likely urban, relocating to the suburbs for more space and good schools.  That put us in mind of our green  open back chairs for the eat in kitchen. They are not especially urban, but not particularly suburban either. They’re hip, mid-century mod-ish and we knew we were onto something.

Staging A Vacant in Naperville

The chairs took us to green and with that we picked a navy, dark gray and crisp white.  We had our color scheme and then needed to sprinkle that through the home to connect each of these beautiful spaces.  Look at the architectural detail in the Family Room above – with the chunky, coffered ceiling!

Then, check out the detail of curved entry to the formal dining room:-

Dining Room Foyer Collage

So pretty we wanted to emphasize the curved entryway that we tucked a floor vase to the left hand side to draw the eye.  The curve then draws the eye to the recessed oval ceiling. Such a great touch!

We have many more luscious looks at this house.  Stay tuned! 😉  And if you’re considering staging a vacant in Naperville, why not give us a call?!