Should I Sell My Home During the Holidays

Often times preparing a home for sale takes a back seat to the holiday season. It’s already a stressful time with all the holiday decorating, gift-giving and entertaining. Why have the added stress of selling a home during the jolliest of seasons, when it’s a slow-time for the real estate market to begin with. Yes, there are fewer real estate transactions this time of year, but there are more motivated participants, both buyers and sellers, looking for the perfect offer.

Selling a home during the holidays shouldn’t feel like a frantic black Friday sale, rather look at is an opportunity to start the new year right. Here are a few important reasons to consider hiring Chicagoland Home Staging to get your property prepared for sale.

Motivated Buyers

People looking for homes during the holiday season are serious buyers who are willing to alter their holiday plans and bad weather to find their next home. While this type of buyer often overlooks the small details and minor repairs, a savvy seller knows staging a property will “wow” a buyer to make an offer. In most cases, a motivated buyer is on a tight deadline to move, so they’re willing to spend more money to not be inconvenienced.

Play Up Holiday Emotions

In order to create that “wow factor” Chicagoland Home Staging strategically places furniture and accessories throughout the property to emotionally connect with the home buyer. Usually, a buyer is more emotional during the holidays, so they’re more likely to pay a higher price. Our team decorates using tasteful decor to spruce up the house and add some holiday spirit without overkill. Here are few tips on how to decorate for the holidays.

Competition Is Scarce 

Since the real estate market slows down this time of year, there will be less competition on the market for home buyers to choose from. A home seller with very few comparable properties can often stick strongly to the price they’re looking for, leaving the seller in a unique position of power because of the scarcity of homes available.

Power Equals Control

In a slower real estate market, a seller has the power to set the ground rules and boundaries that can benefit them. Set specific times for showings, create black out dates and give yourself enough time to properly prepare the home for sale — this way you can still enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

Thinking about selling a home this holiday season? Contact us today to learn what services our award-winning home staging team can provide. Happy Holidays!