Staged Downers Grove Home Sold in 1 Day!

downers grove home staging sold in one dayWe recently staged a newly constructed home in Downers Grove.  We like the community of Downers Grove. Everybody does.  Located a mere 22 miles west of Chicago, it’s a thriving suburb that has been ranked –

      • #8 in America’s Friendliest Towns (Forbes Magazine)
      • #5 in its Best Places for a Healthy Retirement list (CNN)
      • #2 in its list of best cities in America for kids (

Also, Downers Grove boasts one of the nation’s most educated citizenry, according to the 2010 American Community Survey Census. People like Downers Grove.

Excited, and eager to rise to the challenge, we cleaned, prepped, primped, propped and cleaned some more.  And when we were down, our rooms gleamed and glowed invitingly.

On the morning of the photo shoot, the photog asked if we wanted to reschedule for a day it wasn’t raining. “Carry on!” we smiled, knowing that while the weather outside might well have been frightful, our inside was so delightful the home was weather resistant!

staged downers Grove success
We used warm palette of earth tones, punched up with a bright, healthy grass green in the accessories and glinting sunlight patches in the artwork.  We emphasized the rick dark wood trim with chocolate-colored furniture. Some might call it espresso. To me, chocolate is richer, luxurious-er and downright decadent!

Downers Grove staging sold in one day

The kitchen has hot chocolate mugs on the granite island and the yummy dark chocolate leather topped stools have your name on them, don’t they?  The small touches of color on the working surfaces serve to draw your eye around the side kitchen with lots of granite, supported by corbels for additional architectural detail.  More rich chocolate in the upholsted chairs of the breakfast alcove, with one of my favorite yellow Murano glass vases filled with bittersweet.

Downer's Grove home staging sold in one day

We continue the earthy color palette in the Great Room adding leather suitcases (in delicious chocolate colors, of course!) for a vintage touch and a turquoise peacock for visual interest. Dark, varying mediums break up the substantial stone fireplace and surround with varying textures.  Thanks to the textures and rich contrasting colors within one tight spectrum, this becomes a very sexy look.

The results? The staged Downers Grove Home sold in 1 Day!  Gone.  Job Done.  We l-o-v-e Downers Grove! Don’t you?