Attract Buyers With Clean And Fresh Home Updates

Have you ever wondered what sort of impression your home gives off to a first-time visitor? Walk around each of your rooms and pay attention to the wall color, the flooring, and the amount of light that enters the space. In this article, we’ll look at how you can refresh your home in each of these areas to attract buyers with a clean and lighter feeling.

1. Fresh Paint Goes A Long Way

Attract Buyers Chicagoland-Home-Staging-Batavia-Wood-Floor-Refinishing

Did you notice worn or scuffed walls? Lighter is brighter for this staged vacant home. You can lighten your vacant room with a fresh coat of paint that gives the impression of cleaned up dirty walls.

This is especially important when you consider grand rooms with large windows. Dirt and grime are easy to see with so much lighting and often times homeowners have resisted new paint coats if the ceilings are particularly high.

2. Flooring Fixes Pay Off

Floors such as hardwood should be given special attention as well since they take up so much property of the home in the top living areas in the entryway, living room, family room, etc. They tell the story, good or bad, of who or what (a dog for example) has lived in the home.

If you observe damaged hardwood flooring, bring in a company that specializes in refinishing and restoring to buff out noticeable damage. Hardwood floors can also receive a new clear coat, such as satin polyurethane, to better reflect and bounce light around the home.

3. Bright Tiled Kitchens, Bathrooms & Bedrooms

Flooring in high traffic areas will collect dirt and residue from homeowner usage over the years. Without regular professional cleaning, stains may sit and deepen into the tile or floor material.

For backsplash tile in the kitchen or flooring in the bathrooms and bedrooms, bring in a cleaning company to steam clean carpet or tile. You can also have your grout brightened with a professional or a store-bought product.

4. Lighten Up The Rooms

Take a look at the lighting throughout the home. Make sure the windows are cleaned and light fixtures have fresh bulbs installed so they are in working order for guests.

“Sometimes closets or ceiling fans have one burned out light bulb that has been overlooked during the homeowner’s occupancy,” says Margaret Gehr, Founder and Co-Owner of Chicagoland Home Staging. “It’s important to make sure there is maximized lighting in a room to increase the impression of space and cleanliness.”

During a home stage design plan, Chicagoland Home Staging pays close attention to the placement and type of lighting that is brought into a room. We have warehouses full of accessories and furnishings so that your vacant property has what it needs to look its best. The correctly chosen table and floor lamps create a purposeful ambience and cohesive design that help a home buyer feel at home in your property.

Next, one of the least cleaned areas in a home are the top of ceiling fans. Unseen dust can go flying during an open house when a buyer flips that fan switch. And there’s nothing worse than having clumps of dust flung around a room or drooping from the fan’s blades during a home tour.

Make sure the tops of these areas are cleaned and ready for use. The solution is easy though often requires a taller-than-normal ladder unless the ceiling fan is in a grand room with a 15 foot or taller ceiling. In that case, extra support from the painting service, handyman, or window cleaning company may need to be brought in.

This Home Staging Sold In 2 Weeks!

This Naperville home was listed with Kristen Jungles, at Keller Williams, and it sold in just two weeks! If you in love with this successful home staging design, you can get it for your next vacant property. Our team of dedicated experts and designers are passionate about making your home unforgettable and sell faster! Contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!