Color Trends: The Hottest Paint & Furniture Shades

From floor to ceiling, colors can tell you if a room is on-trend or stuck in the past. While color and texture evoke emotion into a room, furniture compliments the environment and brings an owner’s personality to life. 

When evaluating a room’s decoration, Chicagoland Home Staging designers are experts at color theory and styling. Just as a picture can speak a thousand words, a room’s color can do the same.

Color Trends: Wall Colors

Many of the trending colors are an inspiration from nature, not limited to the cooler gray tones we’ve been seeing recently. This past year has introduced us to warmer tones accompanied with pops of natural color. When you choose warmer colors, you bring emotions of comfort and calm to a room. 

1. Behr Color Spotlight: Canyon Dusk

Behr chose Canyon Dusk, an earthier toned neutral, as their “color of the year.” Canyon Dusk is commonly paired with Behr’s colors Smoky White, and for a pop of color, Kalahari Sunset. You can utilize Kalahari Sunset in both the living room and bathroom design for your property.

Behr Color Spotlight: Canyon Dusk

2. Sherwin William Color Spotlight: Urban Bronze

Sherwin Williams chose Urban Bronze as their “color of the year.” This darker shade communicates peace and tranquility. We recommend placing this deep color on a focal wall, cabinets, or built-in shelving.

Sherwin William Color Spotlight: Urban Bronze

3. Benjamin Moore Color Spotlight: Aegean Teal

Benjamin Moore selected Aegean Teal as their trending color. This bright pop of color can be used to bring cabinets to life or as a focal wall. This color is said to “create natural harmony” and gives a room perfect balance.

Benjamin Moore Color Spotlight: Aegean Teal

Color Trends: Furniture

For your furniture selections, we recommend that you add bold and deep colors into your room design. By choosing jewel shades like emerald, sapphire blue, citrine golden yellow, or black metallic, your furniture will be grounded yet vivid.

Jewel tones are saturated hues that bring out the richness to the color pallete in a room. If you prefer predominantly neutral furniture, we recommend incorporating the jewel tones into accent pieces such as pillows or blankets.

Just as the colors of the wall are inspired by nature, materials in the furniture are expected to do just the same. Recent trends include unpainted wood, stone, wicker, and ceramic as go-to textures. Another trend is incorporating multiple textures in your furniture selection.

When looking to keep your property on trend, Chicagoland Home Staging designers recommend using color as a tool to make your home stand out. Whether staging a room to sell or preserving a space you intend to stay in for a while, it’s important to keep color in mind. 

Elevate Your Property’s Listing

Our team of experts and designers are passionate about inspiring you with the possibilities your space could have, while ultimately helping your home sell faster. To learn more about how we incorporate color theory to help your home sell faster, contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!