How To Stage Your Home Office To Attract Remote-Work Buyers.

With so many individuals working from home these days, a home office is one of the trending spaces in a home that homebuyers are looking for. It’s important to highlight this room specifically during the fall real estate market. It’s crucial to help visitors easily visualize where to set up a computer, help children with homework, or have a private place for Zoom calls.

Many homeowners don’t have the proper furnishings to style their own home office. When it comes to selling a property, the space can miss out on its full “wow” potential. It can also be tough to fit the style of the rest of the property. 

Here’s four ways to stage your home office to elevate your home’s overall value and earn more buyer interest.

Stage Your Home Office Tip #1: Keep The Essentials

Stage Your Home Office Chicagoland Home Staging Western Springs

When it comes to home office staging, less is better. To define the room, there should be just enough furnishings without the space looking cluttered. It’s also important to make sure homebuyers can move about the room freely without bumping into a desk or chairs. 

Key elements of any office include a desk and chair — the focal point of the room, so they should be impressively arranged — paired arm chairs, a statement rug, and bookshelf. 

Stage Your Home Office Tip #2: Add Neutral Accessories

Stage Your Home Office Chicagoland Home Staging Western Springs

To help balance out the room, keep the accessories to a minimum. It’s important that the items placed on shelves and tables have a cohesive style. From color, to materials, and size, keep your design along one theme. 

Neutral colors include tones of silver, black, white, and tan. Adding potted succulents and plants brings life to the accessories and gives a sense of calm to an office space. 

Stage Your Home Office Tip #3: Statement Artwork

When it comes to smaller home office spaces, there’s often the challenge to trying to make the space feel like an enjoyable place to work. Because a home office is often set up in a smaller bedroom or set-off area, a homeowner regularly has to overcome the issue of cramped space. 

One big solution: add larger statement artworks opposing the room’s entrance. The correct picture draws the eye upwards and elevates the openness of the space.

Stage Your Home Office Tip #4: Make The Entrance A Priority

Stage Your Home Office Chicagoland Home Staging Western Springs

When it comes to setting the layout of your home office, it’s important to make your first impression count. That’s why the desk should be centered in the room and facing the doorway. Behind the desk should be a larger piece of furniture or artwork — not only for a stunning visual, but also for the homebuyer to visualize the layout as an acceptable video conferencing setup.  

Often the home office is the first or second room a home buyer may see when visiting a property. The room must connect with a visitor not only through the added square footage, but also through the added functionality it provides. 

A home office is a big demand for home seekers today. Emphasizing this asset will benefit your home sale’s final purchase price and speed it off the market.

Elevate Your Property’s Listing

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