Home Staging Tips: Using mirrors to create balance and drama

Mirror, mirror on the wall what’s the greatest home staging trick of them all? Utilizing mirrors of course. Reflective surfaces can be great accessories when staging a home for sale. They add more light, draw in a buyer’s eyes, and in most cases can create drama or balance in a space.

How to Utilize a Mirror to Create Balance in a Room

This living room had a grand fireplace that really needed something hanging above. Because the fireplace is also a focal point, and the surrounding wall had beautiful molding, we decided rather than hang art above the couch we’d use a large floor mirror to mimic the reflection in the adjacent mirror. See how similar the reflections are?

This helps to balance the space, and the wall to create one cohesive look in the room. Mirrors are simple in their decoration and add sophistication without distracting a buyer.

Grouping Mirrors Together

The dining room above was kept very monochromatic, creating a serene and modern setting for home buyers. Adding another piece of artwork with color would have disrupted the harmony, but a large dramatic piece was still required on this dining room wall. A set of three mirrors was the perfect selection, by bringing in a reflective quality from different perspectives, keeping the quiet neutrals expressed in this Chicagoland home staging project.

A Dramatic Scene of Grandness

Chicagoland Luxury Home Staging Dining Room Western Springs

Notice the dramatic difference of the two dining rooms (the image we just mentioned and the one highlighted here). The dark colors, height of the room, molding on the ceiling and grand chandelier was already providing a lot of drama in this formal space. Still, the wall across screamed for something to balance and emphasis it. In this case, an extremely large floor mirror was positioned opposite the windows.

“Mirrors are the perfect accessory when artwork needs to be added in a space that may conflict with other artwork in the room.” ~ Margaret Gehr

The Perfect Spot for a Mirror

A foyer is not complete without a mirror, allowing potential buyers to literally see themselves in the home as they come and go. This is a small subliminal message that occasionally works on a buyer’s emotions. Even if that’s not the perfect cue, a mirror in a foyer will reflect more light in the hallway and the room across from it, expanding the home, making it feel larger and inviting as you step inside. Mirrors also make a great first impression.

Staging is about managing the way a buyer sees the home.

In each of these photos, if you scroll back up and pay attention, you’ll notice the way your eye scans the room. It should flow easily and quickly across to the focal points, allowing buyers to zoom right in on what is special. Having a mirror in the room, makes the space feel modern and sophisticated gives the additional lighting required to make the space warm and inviting for buyers to make an offer.

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