Before & After Sun Room Staging

In a vacant on-market house, every space must have a purpose. Kitchens may be where buyers envision family dinners, while the sun room is where they picture themselves socializing and relaxing. 

Chicagoland Home Staging designers are experts at transforming properties into inviting and elegant spaces. Here is a before and after sun room staging that will give inspiration for your next home sale.

Before Sun Room Staging

This sun room features a beautiful ceiling features, tall windows, French doors, and crown molding. Full of potential, this blank canvas was ready to impress buyers and entice them to put in an immediate offer.

After Sun Room Staging

This room was elevated to a luxurious level after the introduction of an elegant furniture collection. Each item is chosen to work together and move the buyer’s eye around the room. 

To make the room appear bigger and brighter, lighting was emphasized throughout the space. Focal-point artwork above the fireplace directs the eye upward and adds depth to the room. Neutral chairs add to the illusion of size, while a transparent coffee table allows you to see further into the space. 

Sun Room Staging Tips

Creating a “Seating Moment” 

The most important piece of furniture in a sun room is the featured seating. Chicagoland Home Staging designers created a round “seating moment” with four matching chairs. These elements direct the eye to the center of the room and invite you to enter in and relax.

Color Palette

By using a cooler color palette, Chicagoland Home Staging designers introduced a gray and white toned rug to brighten the darker flooring. Light gray furniture was included to visually expand the room and elongate the room. Drops of high contrast in the paintings and metal rail table compliment the fireplace and give visual interest to the space.

Color Tips:  

+ Include points of contrast
+ Choose a warm or cool color pallet and be consistent throughout
+ Use light furniture to radiate light and elegance

Lines and Eye Movement

Notice where the eye is drawn to first in a space. Is it the artwork hanging on the wall, the rug, or the shelving accessories? All these items work together to create movement, using elements to give focal points and guide a viewers eye around the room.

Movement Tips:

+ Use interesting lines to attract the eye
+ Add mirrors to reflect light and color
+ Geometric shapes, swirls, and textures can also contribute to movement

Textures and Materials

Chicagoland Home Staging has mastered the art of evoking emotion through textures. By incorporating different types of materials, a space is elevated beyond basic. Take note of the textures added by the rug and coffee table.

Texture Tips:

+ Choose accent chairs with the same fabrics
+ Add extra texture with pillows and accessories
+ Layer rugs over wood flooring

Elevate Your Property’s Listing

Our team of experts and designers are passionate about inspiring you with the possibilities your space could have, while ultimately helping your home sell faster. To learn more about how we transform vacant homes with staging to help your home sell faster, contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!