Home Staging Living Room Before & After Spotlight

Rooms that include focal points, such as a fireplace or showstopper cabinetry, can capture the heart of any homebuyer. A proper home staging redesign enhances a home’s built-in features to show what sets it apart from the competition.

Here’s an example of how Chicagoland Home Staging redesigned a living room to emphasize its top selling points with a unified feel.

Home Staging Living Room, Before

The first step in the process for this home staging redesign was an assessment of the space. A plan was created to transform the dark room and give the impression of a lighter aesthetic.

View the before and after to see how the Chicagoland Home Staging designers took this room from bland to bright!

Home Staging Living Room, After

1. Home Staging Living Room: Furniture

This front living room features clean and crisp white furniture. The Chicagoland designers selected coordinating long couches to emphasize the length of the space and white arm chairs continue the light aesthetic. So as not to block the view of the fireplace, a grouping of low-to-the-ground upholstered stools were arranged in a grouping of three.

2. Home Staging Living Room: Decor

An elongated mirror opposite the windows reflect light across the room. The mirror’s shape purposefully pairs with the glass coffee table and rectangular couches. Designers selected a featured artwork above the mantel to move the eye upward. The artwork was chosen to match the colors of the furnishings and fireplace stonework.

Matching metal side tables were placed at the end of the matching couches with reflective glass lamps. The white lamp shades lift the eye upwards and complement the neutral-themed space.

3. Home Staging Living Room: Rug

To pull the furniture and decor together, an oversized rug was selected with coordinating neutral colors of white and gray. The result is a brightened floor, added texture, increased warmth, and a unified seating area.

Light & Opened Up Home Staging Living Room

Our team of experts and designers are passionate about inspiring you with the possibilities your space could have, while ultimately helping your home sell faster. If you’d like an expert to create a design for your property that lightens and opens up the space, contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!