Bathroom Staging Spotlight

Bathrooms often become an afterthought when staging a home, with more focus going toward first impressions and common living spaces. However, bathrooms are often a big contributing factor whether a buyer will make a purchase. Buyers are looking for a home that features well-lit and restful spaces, and bathroom staging takes thoughtful considerations along with other rooms in the home.  

One of the main goals our designers have in a bathroom staging is to create a calm and fresh-feeling room. In this article, we wanted to share what our designers keep in mind when staging an elegant and luxurious bathroom. 

Bathroom staging key elements:

  • Calming ambiance
  • Neutral color palette
  • Texture contrast

Bathroom Staging Tip #1: Clean And Calm

Staging a bathroom starts with the removal of clutter and letting in light. Clear the extra and unneeded accessories — toiletries, soap dispensers, brushes and hairdryers, and other items — remove drapes, or open the blinds to illuminate the bathroom. 

While you want to keep the counters clear for the most part, if you’re going to have anything on the counters or open shelves, place items that amplify a calming ambiance (see Tip #2).

If there are floor mats, you’ll want to remove those as well, unless a rug is used to add softness to a cold tile.

Bathroom Staging Tip #2: Form And Function

Decorative and functional items can add texture and balance to the bathroom. However, any extra addition should continue to play into a neutral color palette, so as to not take away from the calm and luxurious atmosphere. Some of the items our designers like to include in a staged bathroom are:

  • Apothecary jars for cotton swabs and loofahs
  • Candles near the tub
  • Fresh flowers

The addition of these items add to the elegance of the bathroom, while helping the buyer envision getting ready in the morning, or unwinding after a long day. 

A note on placement: You can draw the buyers’ eye throughout the room by strategically placing the linens and countertop accessories. As seen in the image above, the apothecary jars and candles are placed on either side of the mirrored countertops, and on the side of the sink closest to the backwall of the bathroom. This leads the buyers’ eye back, and allows the light to shine off the clear countertops.

Other suggestions from our designers:

  • Add a stool to vanity counter to help buyer envision sitting there to get read
  • Small side table in the corner
  • Make sure it smells fresh (add an essential oil stick, or scented potpourri in a decorative dish)

Bathroom Staging Tip #3: Linens 

Lastly, you don’t want to forget the linens when staging a bathroom. A bathroom is not complete without hand and bath towels, but you want to make sure the linens are folded neatly. 

You can really compliment a bathtub by staging it with a folded towel tucked into itself, for example. If you include a small table in the corner, adorn it with white folded towels to draw the eye back to a corner of the room that may otherwise receive less than a glance. 

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