Fast Sell: Before & After Front Room Staging

It’s very important to pay extra attention to the first thing a homebuyer sees when visiting a property. Front room staging, often the living room, is what welcomes guests into the home and is the moment to brand the entire house and set the tone.

Before Staging

Chicagoland Home Staging designers created a plan for this home’s front room staging in the living room that combines layering, lighting, and the perfect amount of furnishings. The “after’ transformation creates an envious front room, which when combined with the rest of the home’s staging, created a setting for this home’s faster sell.

After Staging

“In any space like this, the goal is to introduce cohesive elements, textures, and modern furniture,” says Margaret Gehr, Founder and Co-Owner of Chicagoland Home Staging. “Designs are created to get the potential buyer to envision this space as “theirs” as soon as they take a first step into the property. This is also your moment to add a nice “wow” impact to surprise and delight!”

Front Room Staging: Lighting

The bright and open feel for this room comes from three primary lighting sources….

  1. By removing the window coverings and curtains, Chicagoland Home Staging Designers were able to introduce fresh and natural lighting to the space.
  2.  Two lamps hug the couch on either side, creating a symmetrical touch and lifts the eye upward. Modern white lamp shades were selected to add to the appearance of light and space.
  3. Bright chairs, an ivory couch, and white toned rug were introduced to bounce light around the room. The neutral colors also gives the impression of cleanliness and freshness.

“Having a plan in place beforehand, along with the correct lighting and furnishings to choose from, allows you to highlight and show off key details of a home’s structure.” says Kathy Lobkovich, Co-Founder of Chicagoland Home Staging.

For other ideas on creating a space that is light and bright, check out our five tricks here.

Front Room Staging: Accessories

A large painting and modern coffee table centerpiece fills potentially void areas and directs the viewers eye around the entire space. In addition to accessories on the wall and tables, pillows have been added as an accessory to the couch as well. Make note that how pillows are specifically chosen to meet and not detract from the overall design.

When selecting pillows as a couch accessory consider the following:

  1. Impactful Texture
  2. Branded Colors
  3. Amount

Too many pillows on the couch and you create the appearance of overcrowding. No one wants to sit on a couch they can’t fit on. When designing a pillow arrangement, make sure you have just enough pillows to accent the couch and not the other way around – a couch that accents a pile of pillows.

“You often see, with designs that distract, that too many accessories have been added to the stage,” says Margaret Gehr. “The misjudgment in misusing accessories is the thinking that the more you fill a space, the better it will look. In our 20+ years of luxury designing, we’ve found that more doesn’t always mean better. Better furnishings and accessories create superior interior design when specifically chosen, create cohesion from room to room through their colors and texture, and do not overcrowd a space.”

Front Room Staging: Rug Selection

Not only has this front room space successfully created a cohesive branding through a furnishing layout design, it also has a correctly chosen floor rug.

In this room’s design, adding a large neutral rug accomplishes three things for the homebuyer:

  1. Emphasizes more space
  2. Increases the amount of light
  3. Frames and brings together all the pieces of furniture

“When choosing the right rug for a room, it’s important to choose the correct shape and size,” says Kathy Lobkovich. “Make sure you have a visual design plan of your space to compare dimensions of various rug sizes. This helps to avoid the hassle of purchasing a rug too small and then having something that distracts from the design and diminishes the room’s size.”

Whole-Home Before & Afters

Want to see what the design team was able to do with the rest of the property? View the family room, office, dining room, and kitchen design stage that made this a stunning fast sell!

Our team of dedicated experts and designers are passionate about making your home unforgettable and sell faster! If you’d like an expert to create a design for your property that includes lighting, accessories, and rug selection, contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!