REALTORS: Attract The Neighbors With This Home Staging “Secret” Branding!

In today’s hot real estate market, inventory is low and demand is high. As any seasoned real estate agent can tell you, the key to being successful is making the most of every season the industry presents, in good and bad markets.

Let’s look at the “secret” branding of how you as an agent can set yourself up to maximize the current market and any market. Starting with the neighborhood surrounding your current listings today, here’s how you can leverage your brand to surprise and attract the neighbors attention to your quality of service, brand, and fast results!

Home Staging That Brands You As A REALTOR

How does home staging give the REALTOR their own brand? There are over 77 different neighborhoods in Chicago alone and even more as we branch out into the western suburbs. What makes a REALTOR stand out and how they continue to make a name for themselves over the long-term? We’ve been able to interview many of DuPage’s top producing REALTORS and one consistent theme comes up time and time again.

Develop your brand!

There are so many ways an agent can go about doing this.

What we’ve seen as the top four that mark high on the list is:

  • Quality of service
  • Professionalism in the listing process
  • Track record of success
  • Care for the local community

REALTORS can develop and market these areas of the branding through their visuals and listing. So it is no wonder that high-level home staging elevates a home and as a result elevates your brand.

“How homes are presented to the public online and what draws buyers to choose REALTORS to list their property is where we excel,” Says Margaret Gehr, Founder and Co-Owner of Chicagoland Home Staging. “We partner with agents and become a key component to their marketing and branding efforts. Real estate agents leverage the style and design of our homes to present a clean, modern, and savvy package for the homeowner. And that’s what really sets the tone for branding!”

Home Staging That Draws Attention From The Neighborhood

When REALTORS are asked the question, “Where do most of your new listings come from?”, they answer in a resounding voice, “Referrals!” One of the best and easiest ways agents can attract the attention of new referrals is in the immediate neighborhood and community that they are currently listing and know so well.

As one home goes up for sale on the block, homeowners that have been considering a move take interest and view the images and price online to compare with their home. If the homeowner is close friends, the neighbor will express validation and surprise as the enhanced interior design of the new listing.

Three things are accomplished when attention is drawn from the neighbors!

  • Firstly, high-quality home staging gives homeowners pride in their property.
  • Secondly, it gives neighbors an insight into how you are giving focused attention to the home.
  • Finally, this creates a confidence in your process and plan for their home as well!

Home Staging That Makes Homeowners Stick With You For Life

The wish of every REALTOR is not only to have a successful home sale that is faster and sold for more than other homes in the area, but also to reserve the potential for repeat clients as homeowners transition to a new phase of life.

“Our goal is to help REALTORS make such a dramatic statement that the homeowner becomes a lifetime client,” Says Kathy Lobkovich, Co-Owner of Chicagoland Home Staging. “The real estate agent has become more than just a service provider and has moved into the most trusted partner in life’s biggest financial purchases, the home.”

What is the benefit of having homeowners stick with you in the future?

When the homeowner is blown away by how quickly the home sold for and for how much money, they choose that relationship with the REALTOR for life. The home staging design science our team develops for each home is one of the keys to faster listings and higher sales. We have the experience to turn any property into a buyer magnet and elevate your brand as an agent!

How Much Will You Gain From Home Staging?

Access our insight into how we’ll create a mood of respite and relaxation within your property that brings out the imagination of the homebuyer this winter 2020. Capturing the heart and mind of the buyer is what causes them to take action and desire your listing. Staged homes do sell faster and for more money.

Maximize The Full Power Of Your Listing With The Benefits Of Home Staging.

Whether it is a back corner or a transitional hallway, we are always reconsidering the spaces that commonly get overlooked. Commonly viewed as bare and stark, areas like this are full of potential for lounging and relaxation.

“Every element in the room is placed with a purpose. From matching table lighting on either side of the fireplace, to candles and home decorative signage, we’re setting a mood for warmth and refreshment.

– Kathy Lobkovich, Managing Partner Chicagoland Home Staging

Benefits Of Home Staging That Sells For More

DuPage Chicagoland Home Staging Team

Our home staging and interior design gives the seller an opportunity to stand out during this time in the market. Access the “Benefits Of Home Staging & How Much Will I Gain” resource.

“We are the perfect partner for the REALTOR looking to elevate their listings and gather future referrals. Our stunning home staging makes all the difference in home sale turnarounds, your business branding, and listing price!

– Margaret Gehr, Founder/Owner Chicagoland Home Staging

Chicagoland Home Staging is here to make all that happen and more with our REALTOR partnerships and elevated listing power with stunning photography.

Do you have a space you’d like staged for your home’s sale? We are staying ahead of the buyer trends and bringing you the latest design science for your beautiful staged home here in DuPage County, Illinois. Interested in learning how Chicagoland Home Staging helps you sell your home faster and for more money? Contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!