The Best Time to Sell a Home Is Just Around the Corner

Planning on selling a home this year? If the answer is yes, you may want to prioritize listing it sooner than later. According to, the week of April 10-16th is expected to have the perfect housing market conditions that favor home sellers, more so than any other week in the year.

The survey selection of this week comes from looking at seasonal trends from 2018-2019 and 2021 data that found the seller’s market will continue, but for how long? There are some emerging trends that could shift this dynamic, where sellers could potentially lose some leverage as demand from buyers cools slightly.

At a national level, this week favored represents a combination of above average prices, buyer demand allowing for homes to sell at a rapid pace. While low inventory and fewer price reductions make the week of April 10th the perfect scenario.

If you’re planning on taking advantage of this week, now is the time to start preparing your home for sale, and our team at Chicagoland Home Staging has a few tips to get you started.

Bring in an Expert Immediately

Chicagoland Home Staging Team

When you’re short on time, it’s important to call in the experts to get the job done right and quickly when it comes time to sell a home. The spring market tends to be the busiest season in the real estate market — so professional agents and home stagers may be booked weeks in advance. Plan according and get on their schedule immediately to receive the expert advice required to make sure you’re preparing your property properly. To learn more about booking a home staging consultation with Chicagoland click here.

Conduct a Home Walk-Through

Client’s Living Room Before Home Staging

Before putting a home on the market the seller should tour the property as a home buyer would, taking note of what the overall space feels like. Do you notice distractions or design issues that need to be addressed? This is also a good time to look for damage, and test the functionality of items throughout each room. Again, this can all be assessed during a home staging consultation with one of our certified experts.

Conquer the To-Do List

Client’s Living Room After Home Staging

In order to be successful in preparing a home for sale, there must be a strategic plan in place that assesses what repairs and improvements will be made, as well as, when decluttering and cleaning projects will be tackled. While a home walk-through provides a detailed list of every potential issue, most home sellers won’t have enough time, or the budget to complete each project.

So, we suggest that tasks are prioritized and broken down into smaller steps and placed on a schedule with concrete deadlines to ensure those tasks get completed.

Remember now is the time to sell! The survey suggests that the market will shift in response to rising mortgage rates, and supply increases as builders continue to accelerate production.

Our team of experts and designers are passionate about helping your home sell faster. To learn more about how we transform homes with staging, contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!