4 Ways to Make a Home Look More Luxurious for Home Buyers

When a potential home buyer starts looking at properties, ultimately they will make a decision based on emotion – how they feel about a house. Will they be able to create a life here, or in other words, “does it feel like home?”. As soon as this thought trickles into their mind, they will begin to question the price. They’ll make judgements on what they see. Much of this will have to do with the neighborhood, the size, scale, and features of the home, particularly in things like appliances, flooring, and finishes. But is that all they use to make a decision?

Showcasing luxury by looking beyond finishes and fixtures.

Let’s imagine the average vacant home. What do the MLS photos look like?


Exciting, right?

Built-in shelves, custom woodworking and a fireplace won’t mean much if this room sits empty. Sure, the natural light, makes the space feel light and bright, but is it really going to sell the house? The neutral beige wall color is OK but kind of boring, or at a minimum isn’t going to do much to sell the house.


What about now?

The room is essentially the same, but does it feel the same?

Of course not! Luxury is usually about perception and styling. It’s the difference between Macy’s and TJ Maxx. Is it what the store sells or what the store looks and feels like that determines what the customers are willing to pay?

If you offered the exact same items at the exact same price but took away the luxury displays, shining fixtures, and marble floors and replaced them with the displays offered in lower end stores, would the luxury store still be able to command the higher prices?

No. Again, luxury is about perception.

When selling your home, luxury, for your price point, will be all about the way the home is presented and styled. It will be about the quality of photos, and quality of what’s inside.

Mix Metals, Particularly Gold

Metal accessories can bring a sense of glamour into a room. Consider adding mirrors, picture frames, trays, vases and other decorative objects in a metal to enhance the bling inside a space. Make sure that finishes are subtle when using metals, a high gloss surface can be combined with other elements as long as you do not overdo it on the finish. You can even update a piece with an inexpensive can of gold spray paint.

Opt for Neutrals and Upscale White

White on white is an upscale look that can be added to any room. Choose crisp white bed linens for an inexpensive way to make a bedroom look luxurious. Or add a mixture of white throw pillows on your couch in the living room. White towels also create the spa-like feel in a bathroom.

Utilize a Variety of Textures

By adding different textures to a room, you create a custom look that will feel more expensive. Try adding a shag rug with velvet furnishings, wood tables and metal accessories. Add some throw pillows in various textures such as linen and silk to round out the look.

Update Hardware

For a quick and inexpensive way to update the look of a space, particularly with a kitchen or bathroom is to invest in some new hardware. Try a new faucet, towel bar or drawer and cabinet pulls to instantly get a more luxurious look.

If you are in the Chicagoland area and are ready to get a luxury price tag for your home, contact Chicagoland Home Staging today. We’ll help turn your occupied or vacant home into a home that will command top dollar.