Staging a Bathroom That’s Spa Worthy

When staging a bathroom Chicagoland Home Staging wants the space to be light, bright, spacious and clutter-free. We often suggest mimicking your favorite luxury hotel or spa to make this room the most attractive to potential home buyers, especially when it comes to the bathroom in the master suite.

Just like a kitchen, the bathroom is always a priority for home buyers since a considerable amount of time is spent there getting ready. Follow these tips when staging a bathroom to make it look and feel like a spa:

Clear off surfaces 

Start by removing all your personal items on countertop surfaces, in your shower and toilet. Keep toiletries, hair products, magazines, scales, plungers, and toilet brushes out of sight. If buyers see these belongings they’ll naturally be distracted and potentially feel like they’re intruding on your personal space.

Keep the Bathroom Clean

Buyers will pay a premium for new clean spaces, so take the time to clean your bathroom to make it feel like new. If your bathrooms are immaculate, it gives buyers the impression that your home has been well maintained and cared for.

Consider Minor Upgrades

Once you’ve decluttered and cleaned the bathroom, you’ll be able to notice if minor repairs are needed. If so, consider making cost-effective changes like replacing shower glass door, leaking faucet or showerhead. Update towel bars, broken tiles and replace rusty mirrors. You can also frame old, worn-out mirrors.

Lighting is Key

Have you ever noticed spas have the perfect ambient light? This helps set the tone for a relaxing atmosphere. A home buyer would want the option to relax in this space, but also have bright lighting to get ready. That’s why you should install light dimmers in this room and highlight this during showings.

Play Up Color

To replicate a spa paint the bathroom calming colors including neutral hues, soft blues, and greens to achieve a serene space. Green symbolizes the meaning of peace, calmness, and relaxation while blue can slow the heart rate, encourage concentration, and reflection. Use these colors on the wall, in artworks or linens.

Set the Mood

A spa will enhance the five senses of sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. Consider using essential oils like like lavender and eucalyptus to relieve stress, relax the body, and promote better sleep. Or try playing slow tempo music during the open house to release stress.

Go Organic

Consider using organic materials in your bathroom. Wood tones can create warmth in this space that is usually portrayed as cold because of the tile work. Plants like orchids, aloe vera, lavender, and succulents can also make a manmade room feel more natural. Air plants can be a great choice for the bathroom because they’re low maintenance and don’t require soil or pots.

Spa-Like Accessories

Don’t skimp on the luxury bath accessories that can remind home buyers of a retreat. Use apothecary jars to store organic sea sponges, bath salts and soaps. Display an exfoliating brush and don’t forget to splurge on soft luxury linens that include: towels, a bath mat, and cozy robe.


Contact us today, so we can help you turn your bathroom into a dreamy retreat.