Is Your Hinsdale Home Ready for the Spring Real Estate Market?

We’re quickly approaching the home buying and selling season, so if you’re planning on putting your house on the market this spring, it’s time to prep it for sale! Here are a few ways to start the home staging process to help win over buyers when it comes time to sell.

Home Improvements = Bigger ROI

Consider hiring a handyman to repair items that make your property look rundown. Patch and paint holes or dings in the walls, fix leaking faucets, paint rooms a neutral color and replace missing or broken screens just to name a few minor repairs that could make a bigger return on your investment.

Early Start to Spring Cleaning

Now’s the time to get organized. Declutter every room on the property, removing items you no longer want or need while the property is on the market. From the ceiling to the floor and everything inbetween make sure the property is clean. Clear cobwebs, wipe-down surfaces, plus wash fabric, upholstery and rugs. Don’t forget to organize those items behind closet doors or stuck in drawers, buyers will open those up too to see how much storage the property provides.

Reduce Personal Personality

We want the home buyer to visually see themselves living in the property, so the best thing to do to maximize a home’s selling potential is to remove as many personal items from shelves, walls and displays as possible, including family photos that are headshots. Less distractions for the home buyer while touring the property will more likely lead to a quicker sale.

Pay Attention to First impressions

At Chicagoland Home Staging our priority is to pay attention to a property’s first impressions both inside and out. It’s important that your exterior looks manicured and clean to lure home buyers to the front door as they drive by.  While inside we want to have light, bright, spacious rooms that are multi-functional and showcase the a potential buyer’s lifestyle.

Hire a Professional

Before listing the property, hire Chicagoland Home Staging to help tailor a plan that works with your property to maximize home buyer appeal. We’ll provide ideas on what needs to be improved, supply home furnishings and create the ultimate furniture arrangement to get your home sold in days — so you’ll reduce carrying costs and get your property off the market quickly for the most amount of money.

Want more information about our home staging services? Contact us today to see how we can help you sell your property in this highly competitive spring season.