Does your listing belong on Ellen?

I haven’t watched Ellen in a very long time, but every once in a while I’ll see some of her videos circulating on Facebook or Google Plus. It always makes me laugh. On the flip side, these are actually homes for sale. That part really bothers me.

Could home staging help these listings?

Pour yourself a soda or glass of wine and enjoy the next few minutes of Ellen sharing some real life listings.  No strike that. We don’t want anyone choking. Wait for the drink after the video.

Remember, a can of paint, bucket of bleach, and packing supplies can do wonders for a listing. While some of these listings seem absolutely hopeless, with relatively small costs, these listings could be transformed. A home staging consultation can help you get a clear sense of what should be done. Let a professional advise what is the most cost effective use of your resources.

Even if your listing doesn’t belong on Ellen

Ok, so your latest listing isn’t quite Ellen worthy, it could still be a great candidate to be helped with home staging. Take a look at this sun room transformation, or this master bedroom makeover that was transformed with a little wallpaper removal, paint, and fresh linens.

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