Chicagoland Home Staging Sunroom Transformation

Whether you have a brand new vacant home or a tired and dated occupied home, Chicagoland Home Staging can offer a stunning transformation to help you sell.

Chicagoland Home Staging transforms a Sunroom

While spring is taking hold of Chicago, we are still showing off some of our winter transformations.

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In our home staging before photo (above), you can see that the homeowner is going through the process of sorting and packing, ready to remove personal belongings, such as photos and albums. While this is clearly not the one the agent will likely use for MLS, taking a good long look at the before, you can see the changes we helped the seller make beyond cleaning and decluttering.

Paint and furniture placement are part of home staging

Chicagoland Home Staging helps our customers through each part of the process, recommending all updates that we believe will help you compete in today’s competitive real estate market.

sunroom transformation in Chicago


While green is generally seen as an acceptable wall color in recent years, the freshly painted grey walls in this Chicago home makeover feels more modern.  Removing the old wicker sunroom furniture and adding contemporary furnishings in warm soft colors, makes the cold outdoors fall away into a warm and inviting space. This room also feels much larger with the addition of more seating, including the pair of ottomans that don’t take a lot of space. While organic elements are an important part of any good home staging job, the fresh plants in the before photo feel sparse or droopy. The green orbs create an element of nature while keeping clean lines.

From average to fabulous. Details make the difference.

The truth is that cleaned up, the before sunroom might have been perfectly average. Average isn’t what most home buyers are looking for. Average certainly isn’t what potential home buyers want to pay top dollar for. In order to sell at the top of the market your home much be fabulous. Professional home staging advice is what will create this transformation.

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