Goodbye wallpaper. Hello Fabulous! A home staging makeover.

Home staging doesn’t have to be expensive, but sometimes it does involve a small investment on the part of the homeowner. Small changes can make dramatic differences. A few hundred dollars in updates can generate thousands of dollars in higher listing and offer prices. Perception is everything and home buyers rarely see the potential in a space. Instead they see only what is there.

Wallpaper dates a home. Home Stagers usually hate it.

This is a universal truth. Home Stagers work in the decor industry. Of course we know wallpaper is back “in”. The wallpaper in your home, however, is probably “out”. While home decor trends, like fashion tend to rotate, it’s never exactly the same. Today’s prints are inspired by the 70s, but they aren’t your Mamma’s patterns, colors or textures. Prints that are older, aren’t much better. Sure, they conjure up memories of the roaring 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s, but the fact is that few of today’s buyers want to go back there.

Wallpaper always means the same thing. The new home buyer will either want to spend money fixing up your home or have the same exact taste as you. Wallpaper is always taste specific.

removing wallpaper is part of home staging in franklin

Home Staging doesn’t have to be expensive, but it may include an investment

Wallpaper = taste specific. Paint means a fresh look. This Naperville homeowner listened to our home staging advice, removed the wallpaper and painted the room a creamy tan. Other details like removing the country curtains, and country decor, and adding more modern linens, artwork, and furniture made a significant difference in value.

removing wallpaper creates a return on investment


After a small update the room looks fresh and modern. The buyer pool has radically increased. Buyers no longer will feel that they need to spend time or money to make this home move in ready. The cost of this change was minimal compared to the return on investment. This is what we always hope to achieve with every home staging project.

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