Naperville Home Staging: YES. We can even make THAT look good.

By now you’ve heard us say that removing wallpaper is the best thing you can do when you sell your home. (Only if you have wallpaper of course.) Sometimes that’s just not an option for sellers. This may be because of budget or time constraints. For Chicagoland Home Staging this creates a challenge, but one we are willing to take on. In this case, staging is even more important to convey a fresh and clean image to potential home buyers.

Staging in Naperville. We can even make wallpaper look good.

No matter how modern wallpaper may feel to sellers, for buyers it represents a personal choice challenge. Consider friends or family members that you know that have wallpaper in their homes. Would you want that same wallpaper in your home? Very often the answer is no. It may be perfectly fine in someone else’s home, but rarely do two random people love the same paper enough to live with it in their home.

should I remove wallpaper before selling

The challenge whenever there is something that is clearly overly personal is to neutralize it and find a way to communicate the ability for the largest pool of people possible to fall in love.

Buyers don’t pay for the joy of doing more work.

When selling your home it is important to know that buyers don’t usually want to pay for the luxury of doing more work. This means that they prefer to pay top dollar for homes that are move-in ready, not fixer uppers. Each item that gets added to the honey do list takes away from your equity investment. Distracting buyers from difficult choices, when you cannot or will not make changes is one of the great thing can proper professional home staging can accomplish.

home staging with wallpaper in naperville

With designer pieces, neutral patterns and color choices, the wallpaper feels less overwhelming. It is clearly still a personal choice that will not appeal to as many buyers as if it had been removed, but staging creates an opportunity for MORE buyers to see the potential of the space.