Home Staging in Naperville: Does this floor plan make sense?

Sometimes we see photos of rooms that from one angle makes sense, and then from another angle makes no sense. Flow and function are typically established with furniture layouts. If the furniture placement is poor, or even just a little bit “off” then buyers may be confused. Rather than deciding if the seller just has the sofa in the wrong place, they’ll usually decide that the room just may not function well.

Could the furniture placement keep you from selling your home?

When sellers move out of a home, they may leave behind a few straggler pieces of furniture that don’t work in the  new home. Perhaps they decided to buy all new furniture and have left the unwanted pieces behind so that the room is “staged”.

home staging furniture placement

While this lonely little sofa looks disheveled and un-anchored, with the rug, table and other items moved on to their new home, the room is clearly large. You can see there there are nice hardwood floors and floor plugs (always a bonus). There is a home office with built in bookcases nearby.

chicagoland home staging

When you view the room from this angle, the size of the room is suddenly questionable. While the sofa has clearly been pushed forward, even accounting for it’s previous locations (which you can judge based on the aforementioned floor plugs), the room suddenly feels much smaller and more awkwardly laid out.

vacant and investor home staging in naperville

After staging, the room size, scale, flow, and function is fully outlined. It is easy to determine where new furniture will fit and how it will work with the home office to the side.  The professional photography also captures more of the space, allowing potential buyers to visualize the rest of the room. This may encourage them to linger longer on each photograph, increasing interest a stronger desire to view the home in person.

fireplace staging in naperville

After staging, the room feels more cohesive and the home feels more luxurious. Buyers are more likely to want to see more of the home, helping it to sell faster, and likely for a higher sale price.

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