Home Staging Tips While Packing to Move

In an ideal world, home sellers would begin the packing process once the home has SOLD. But, let’s face it the real estate market at this point is chaotic! To tackle the worst part of moving, which is always packing and unpacking, our team at Chicagoland Home Staging has an action plan that can save you time at both your current and new home.

With a bit of planning, you can successfully stage a home fast and for top dollar while also getting a head start on packing to reduce your stress levels.

Here are three home staging tips while packing to move.

Handling Items Prior to Packing

Clarendon Hills Home Staging Expert

Before listing your Chicago home on the market, it’s important to declutter the space. Go through the items in each room to determine whether each item will stay, sell, be tossed or donated. Generally speaking almost all sellers have too much stuff. Closets will need to be pared down and organized. Bookcases will need to be edited and excess furniture will need to be removed.

Items that will be kept (stay) in your possession will be sorted through once more to be utilized for staging purposes, remain for daily use or will be packed away if not needed while selling. By decluttering the home you’re creating spacious rooms buyers look for while starting the packing process.

Remove Nonessential Furnishings

Any item that does not serve a purpose in your home or daily life while on the market is considered a nonessential item. That means items smaller than a softball, personal photographs and artwork, toys, collectibles, duplicate items and seasonal pieces should be packed away.

In many spaces there can be too much furniture in a room eating up valuable square footage. Furniture that is bulky or even smaller pieces that don’t serve a purpose should be removed.

For example, if you have more than one dresser, two night stands, and a bed in your room, you may have too much furniture that can cause buyer suspicion. It’s not uncommon to find multiple dressers in a large master bedroom. Still, more than one may be an indication to buyers that there isn’t enough closet space. Be prepared to reduce your large furniture pieces so that it will feel more spacious to potential buyers.

Storing Packed Up Items

Once you’ve got everything packed, be sure to store your belongings off site if possible. An over packed garage isn’t much better than an over stuffed closet. If it’s not practical to rent a storage unit, organize the boxes neatly in a section of your basement, attic or garage until it’s time to move.

Organizing your move and having a packing plan will create less stress for you and your family. While moving is never easy, and always more work than we think, a professional home staging team, like Chicagoland Home Staging can help you stay focused, while saving you time and money. Contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!