Velvet Violet: One Of The Biggest 2022 Color Trends

Chicagoland Home Staging 2022 Color Trend Purple

Velvet violet is one of the hottest color trends for 2022. How can this color be used to sell a home faster?

Because purple is a regal and luxurious color, it can elevate a home staging design and make a bold statement. Anything you can do to help your home stand out from common neutral tone palettes of other houses can be a huge plus.

See how you can make the your home more memorable. Make the most of the velvet violet trend to elevate home staging designs in 2022.  

1. The Power of Purple

Purple has long been associated with royalty — denoting feelings of luxury. Psychologically, purple also provokes feelings ofnostalgia, contemplation, wisdom, and spirituality, according to Grace Fussell’s Velvet Violet report

Velvet violet is a rich purple hue with blue and red undertones. This creates both a warm and cool dynamic, balancing an energizing jolt with a calming effect. Because of this richness, velvet violet is less feminine than other shades of purple.

2. Using Velvet Violet in Home Staging

Velvet violet can be used to make a colorful statement that brightens a neutral color palette. The hue adds depth to spaces, drawing the eye. This popular color for 2022 is great for cozier spaces, like bedrooms and home offices. It adds a hint of flair and makes the space feel more lavish.

Complimentary colors include golden yellow, metallic black, gold, silver, and platinum accents. Velvet violet also pairs nicely with gray and other neutral tones. That’s why it’s a great color to include in home staging, which typically utilizes neutral colors. 

3. How to Accessorize With Velvet Violet

Pillows, throw blankets, décor, florals, accent chairs, and other small accessories are all ways velvet violet can be added to spruce up an otherwise neutral space in a home. As these are not a major part of the design, they can easily be switched out or replaced with other colors later in the year. 

Additionally, using velvet violet, or another shade of purple, to add depth to a home staging design allows potential buyers to envision their own personal touches once they move in. 

Elevate Your Property’s Listing

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