Gorgeous Kitchen Island Staging Ideas

A kitchen island is often the centerpiece of the kitchen in a home. Many families spend a good deal of time gathered around it and it is the focal point during dinner parties. So, when you are preparing home to sell, it is important to pay attention to your kitchen island staging.

The right enhancements for your kitchen island staging can go a long way and here are four ideas to make yours really pop!

Kitchen Island Staging Tip #1: Top With A Tray

Adding a tray to the countertop of the kitchen island has a few effects. For one, it keeps functional kitchen items, such as wine glasses, plates, and silverware, in a neat and clean arrangement. Two, it allows for the potential homeowner to visualize themselves using the items and carrying the tray into another room in the home. 

The use of the tray helps tie together the kitchen’s functions, without cluttering the kitchen island. Along with dishware, the tray can hold a decanter of liquor or a display case with pastries, which is always a good way to sweeten your homebuyer’s imagination!

Kitchen Island Staging Tip #2: Extra Décor And Fresh Plants

The right décor can amplify the kitchen and make it feel more luxurious. So, draw the eye to your kitchen island with decorative vases and greenery. This could be a vase with fresh flowers or even a fake green plant freshens up the space.

“Studies have shown and homebuyers are more interested in home designs when plants are added,” says Margaret Gehr, Founder and Co-Owner of Chicagoland Home Staging. “This is a great way to introduce the outdoors into the home, especially during cold winter months.”

Kitchen Island Staging Tip #3: Counter Height Stools

Counter height stools are a quick and easy addition that helps a kitchen island stand out more. Potential homeowners can imagine pulling out a counter height stool to sit at the kitchen island to eat breakfast in the morning or spend time with family on the weekend.

“The benefits of adding counter height stools at the kitchen island is that they don’t block the view of the counter the way other countertop chairs do that feature back supports.” says Kathy Lobkovich, Co-Owner of Chicagoland Home Staging.  

Kitchen Island Staging Tip #4: Lighting

As with staging every room in a home, bright lighting is everything. Lighting tells the homebuyer where to look, so you want to illuminate the space to show all it has to offer. Pendant or a chandelier lights above the kitchen island creates more of a focal point for the kitchen.

By implementing these tips in your next kitchen island staging, potential homeowners may never want to leave the kitchen. 

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