Before & After Dining Room Spotlight

During the time between a home being listed on the market to getting sold, the original seller may be in between homes, or they have yet to move out completely. While this is a normal part of moving, a potential buyer may feel less attracted to the home if some of the previous owners’ belongings are still on display throughout the house. 

Buyers have an easier time picturing themselves at home while on tour of the space when it’s properly staged. Here is an example of how our designers at Chicagoland Home Staging designed a before and after dining room to feel functional and luxurious. 

Before Dining Room Staging

Prior to our designers coming up with a plan for the dining room in this home, they took stock of the space.

The first thing they notice are the boxes. As seen in the before shot, accent furniture and other items clutter the space. Along with closed blinds and sparse lighting, the room gives the feeling of being small and dimly lit.

After Dining Room Staging

The first step to transform this room is to add brightness by opening the blinds and adding lamps. Instead of a drop-zone, this space revealed its true purpose, a stunning dining room.

For furniture selections, white, black, and other neutral tones were chosen to create a modern look. The natural wood slab dining table breaks up the horizontal lines throughout the dining room. While the use of metal-legged chairs keeps the furniture from being too chunky or obtrusive. 

A pop of green color opposite the large windows compliments the black and white color palette and ties in with the fresh greenery outside the window. The cabinet with horizontal lines was added to draw your eyes across the room for added dimension.

Finally, black and white décor was added on the walls and table to complete the room’s designs. With the dining room staging complete, the room has much greater depth and tells the story of how to use the room. 

Elevate Your Property’s Listing

Thoughtful and intentional home staging allows potential buyers to see the potential of the dining room, as well as the rest of the home. Compared to before our designers staged this dining room, buyers are now able to imagine themselves enjoying dinner with family and friends. 

Our team of experts and designers are passionate about inspiring you with the possibilities your space could have, while ultimately helping your home sell faster. To learn more about how we transform vacant homes with staging to help your home sell faster, contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!