2022 Interior Design Trends You Can Expect To See

Interior design sets the tone and overall feeling of a home. Unifying elements, thoughtful use of materials, and letting the natural light in are some of the many ways a home can be enhanced with interior design. Making the most of interior design trends sets the stage of what a home could be for a potential homeowner, while appealing to the buyer’s taste. 

With the beginning of a new year, Chicagoland Home Staging predicts a slew of new and established 2022 interior design trends you can expect to see this year. 

“Our goal as home stagers for the Chicagoland area is to help the buyer imagine themselves already at home, during the buying stage,” says Margaret Gehr, Founder and Co-Owner of Chicagoland Home Staging. 

Here are our designer’s predictions for 2022 interior design trends.

1.     Natural Materials And Earthy Tones (Plants And More Plants)

Indoor plants continue to grow in popularity. Homeowners are keener on having spaces in their home that feel like a conservatory. Interior design elements composed of natural materials and earthy tones create balance with the assortment of plants. Neutral color palettes, such as green and leafy patterns, wood tones, and stones are also popular. 

2.     Black Accents

Pops of black accents, such as black doorknobs on a cabinet or black lamps continue to be a popular interior design trend. Black accents add depth and edge to a space, while creating contrast from a neutral color scheme. 

3.     Lots Of Light

When staging a home to sell, our designers like to highlight the natural light in a home. Removing the blinds and heavy drapes continues to be a popular tactic when staging a home.

The addition of a lamp in a corner or a clear glass lamp on an end table highlights the darker areas in a space. More light allows for more interior design elements to shine. 

4.     Textures

Textures add to the sensory experience of a space. Using a variety of repeating textures throughout a home continues to be a popular interior design trend. Sherpa, velvets, and boucle are just a few of the fabrics predicted to be most favored among the interior design trends in 2022. 

5.     Versatile Spaces

Nowadays, no one uses one room in a home for one purpose. Versatile spaces have become more and more common, with the increase in working from home and varying family needs. When staging a home, our designers suggest illustrating the multiple ways a space can be used. This can be achieved by paying special attention to the arrangement of furniture and accessories. 

“More than ever, buyers are looking for a home where they can work as well as they play,” says Kathy Lobkovich, Co-Owner of Chicagoland Home Staging. “Potential buyers want a home that feels fresh, calming, and functional to offset their busy lives.”

As we settle into the new year, interior design trends may continue to grow and shift to meet market demands. You can rely on Chicagoland Home Staging as your source of home staging trends and general information. 

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