What to Prepare When Getting a Home Ready for Sale

As a Naperville home staging company,  our team at Chicagoland Home Staging, are often asked by homeowners, “what should I do when getting a home ready for sale?”

After staging hundreds of home, we’ve seen firsthand how the number of days a home is on the market and the profit the seller makes are a direct reflection of the preparation efforts made before the property goes up for sale.

While pricing a property properly is important, the presentation of the property is the next critical factor in how quickly a house sells and its perceived value. Investing some time and effort prior to listing a home to get the home prepared for sale will pay off in the end.

Although our team strives to bring out the unique character of each home we stage, we do emphasize the same key factors over and over to get the best results. Heres are top 10-home staging tips to help get the biggest return on your investment. 

Home Staging Tip #1: Start at the Curb

Grab potential buyers at the curb by creating an attractive and welcoming appearance from the street. This is your first chance to make a good impression and make the buyer excited to see what’s inside, so pay attention to landscaping and make the property’s exterior stand out. Clear walkways and add some flowers to add some color near the front door.

Home Staging Tip #2: Make it Sparkle

A buyer’s senses kick into overdrive when previewing a property so it is critical that you take time to deep clean your home or schedule a professional cleaning company to wipe down all surfaces in the space. Every room should be white glove clean and smell fresh! This is one the easiest and most cost effective tips that can transform your home.

 Home Staging Tip #3: Pay Attention to Color

Effective use of color and light can put you on the fast track to a quicker sale. Paint color alone has the power to refresh a dull dated room or create interest to an otherwise ordinary space.  Neutralize any bold colors that you may have selected based on your taste and style while living in the space. Choose colors that have a broader appeal, and keep the bold hues for a pop of color with accessories.

  Home Staging Tip #4: Let the Light Shine Through

Lighting is the most effective way to set the mood and can easily affect the way a buyer feels in the home so consider it carefully in each room. Open up blinds and drapery to make sure there’s sufficient natural light throughout the home. In darker spaces add a large mirror to reflect the natural light around the room, making it appear brighter.

 Home Staging Tip #5: Cut Clutter and Get Organized

Few things distract a buyer more than a home loaded with excessive personal items and clutter.  Buyers need to be able to see the space and all the features of the home so they can imagine themselves living there.  This should be one of the first steps in preparing a home for sale. Start with clearing countertop surfaces, book shelves and tabletops leaving only strategic places accessories larger than a softball, to set the mood.

Home Staging Tip #6: Consider the Furniture in the Room

Your furniture and its placement have the potential to help or hurt in the selling process. Too much furniture can make a room look smaller.  Properly placed furniture should draw a buyer in and highlight focal points.  A well-arranged room shows the potential your home has to offer and can clinch the sale.

Home Staging Tip #7: Layer on Accessories

Staging your home isn’t just about clearing everything out.  A house that is too bare will seem like it lacks personality when buyers tour the space.  The right accessories like art, lamps, pottery, accent pillows and bedding can instantly update and add interest to a room.

 Home Staging Tip #8: Make Necessary Repairs   

While the market is currently “HOT” making it easy to sell properties as-is, every seller should still want to get top dollar from a sale. Get the home ready to pass inspection and don’t let the small things get in the way of bigger profits. Add extra value to your property by making it a turn-key home and fixing any of those small repairs. This will reinforce to home buyers that the property is well-maintained.

 Home Staging Tip #9:  Spring for New Fixtures

One of the easiest, low cost ways to upgrade your home and help you sell it faster is to update your light fixtures. Styles most likely have changed since you bought your home so assess your current lighting and determine which fixtures need to be replaced.

Home Staging tip #10: Pictures Matter

With over 90% of today’s buyers starting their search online, photography is more important than ever. You have seconds to capture an online looker’s interest so great photos can make all the difference! Many buyers today are even purchasing homes solo based on the photos online, so consider hiring a professional photographer to market your home properly.

Not sure where to start when preparing a property for sale?  Chicagoland Home Staging can help; the CHS team has an amazing track record of success, join the Realtors, investors, contractors and homeowners who have maximized their homes potential and sold quickly with us. Contact Chicagoland Home Staging for an instant home quote in DuPage County!




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