Home Staging in Naperville: Transforming dining spaces

As a professional home stager, I’m often asked if we can use what the homeowner has to stage the home. The truth is that while often we can, sometimes changing the furniture out for different pieces showcases the home in ways that it couldn’t with the homeowner’s belongings. Take for instance, this home in Naperville, IL.

A breakfast room transformation in Naperville.

This breakfast room is a nice space, or at least it has nice bones. The before photo shows the life of the homeowners, but when selling we need to focus on the buyers. There is clearly a lot of light, trees out the windows, and a sun room attached. For many home buyers this is just what they are looking for. Still, does the room feel compelling enough to make buyers pay top dollar?

Naperville home staging


Removing the carpeting and pet gate from the room, the dinette set still is underwhelming to the space. While it is completely functional and thousands of these have been sold to middle class families, it is not exactly the room families dream of.

Home Staging in Naperville a tranformation


The new pieces of furniture are not extravagant but they do feel more luxurious. Removing the family photos from the wall and adding simple artwork showcases this space for the new buyers.

A Naperville Dining room gets formal.

In this same Naperville home, we needed to create a dining room from a family space that looked more like a parlor. The old wood burning stove, seating, and decor definitely did not say “dining room”. Many buyers today still want dining rooms, or at least the choice to have one.

Naperville home staging dining transformations


Removing much of the existing furniture, adding a table and chairs, and redefining the space, we created more options for potential buyers.

Naperville home staging before and after photos


Rather than hiding the beautiful hardwood floors under a floating area rug, they are shown off in their full glory. Removing smaller pieces cleaned up the lines of the room, allowing buyers to focus on the features, including wood trim in the columns and around the doors.

Professional photography finishes the transformation

Home staging showcases this Naperville home’s scale, features, and benefits. The professional photography makes it show to online buyers in it’s best light. With a wide angle lens, great lighting, and an understanding of the best photographic angle for each room, more detail is exposed, increasing the likelihood of showings, and ultimately offers received.

View more before and after photos of this Naperville home staging project.

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