Home Staging Portfolio: Sunny but Drab or Dreary and Fab?

As a professional home stager, there is little that is  more frustrating than when the weather is uncooperative when it is photo day. Unfortunately it is just the way it is and despite our best efforts, we just have to go with the flow. I thought it would be interesting to show what happens when even a lousy day looks better than a sunny one, when everything is staged just right.

How home staging turned even the most dreary room into a showcase

As you can tell from the photo below, this Chicago area home was feeling its age. On a beautiful sunny day, this room looked anything but cheery. The walls were in desperate need of fresh paint. You could even see the outline of where art had been, it was so faded. Far from inspiring, this room feels downright dreary.

chicagoland home staging makeover before


Simple changes took this room from dreary to fabulous, despite the torrential storm happening outside.  A fresh coat of taupe paint makes this room feel clean, fresh, and neutral for nearly any potential buyer. Removing the window coverings allowed the light to come in and expose the view from outside. Notice that even though it is storming outside, having the view is still better than the blinds closed? Most people are visual and want to see the view – nearly regardless of what it is.

The carpeting now looks fresh and clean. Clean lines on the uncovered table and fresh linen upholstery in the chairs makes this room feel luxurious and inviting.

chicagoland home staging dining room makeover


Who is really buying this home?

The after photos are likely to attract a very different buyer than the before.  The likely buyer for the before photo is probably an investor, or at least a buyer looking for a deal. By consulting with a professional home stager and making improvements prior to listing your home for sale, the return on investment is significant. The likely buyer and final sale price for the after photo is someone who wants move in ready and is willing to pay much closer to market value. Often at or above list price.

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